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[App] Hypic – Photo Editor & AI Art

HypicHypic is an All-in-One Photo Editing Tool with Professional smart Features.

Hypic offers a suite of professional image editing tools, including one-click magic removal and cutout, photo quality enhancement, AI portrait beautification, and a range of trendy effects, filters, and templates.
As a photo editor, Hypic integrates the latest fashion trends from TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Capcut to meet your diverse needs. It helps you effortlessly edit your pics and create works of art, ensuring your photos stand out in social media.

Full-featured photo editor
AI Cleanup: Erase photo backgrounds in just one click. With AI, smoothly removes any unwanted objects in the image.
AI photo quality enhancement : Let AI effortlessly enhance photo quality, making your photos clearer.
AI Cutout: Remove photo background by automatically recognizing objects and allowing precise adjustments.
Batch Edit: Edit multiple photos in the same style to save editing time. Share them to TikTok with just one click.
Collage & Overlay: Explore a variety of collage styles to add artistic flair to your photos. Overlay images through blending modes to unlock endless creativity.
Video thumbnail editing: Use AI expand and professional templates to empower your CapCut viral video editing by creating alluring thumbnails.
Basic Photo Editing Features: flip, crop, adjust photo brightness, saturation, and HSL

Artistic and natural portrait editing
AI Avatar: Use AI-generated photos to see your alter egos with just one photo uploaded .
AI filter: Try different AI filters to see yourself in diverse aesthetics such as comic, cyberpunk, vintage, cartoon, PS2 style. You can also get personalized AI headshots for your pets.
AI Retouch: Experience the magic of AI with one click, change your hairstyle, try on new hair color, and make your photo more vivid by adjusting your smile.
Makeup: Apply the most suitable makeup for you in just one tap.
Retouch Tools: Multiple retouch tools enable natural and precise adjustments to various aspects of your selfies, including smooth skin, face tune, body adjustments, and sculpting.

Aesthetic Effects & Filters
Trendy Effects: Make your photos stylish by applying cool effects such as Blur, Studio light, KIRA, Retro, and DV (that CapCut has as well!)
Add a radiant glow to your photos with Long Exposure Effects.
Use Lofi Effects to capture a vintage Vibe in your photos.
Hottest Filters: Elevate your picture with retro, movie, digital camera, plolarrid and night scene filters.
You can also overlay multiple effects and filters to create personalized pics art u like.

Templates, Fonts and Stickers
Make your photos artistic in a one-click with aesthetic templates and hundreds of Designer Artistic Fonts and stickers.
Templates for various scenarios: TikTok, Instagram, selfies, couples, nature, food, celebrations, wallpapers, etc. Stay Up-to-Date with the latest image and short video trends, CapCut trends, Memes, etc.

Hypic is a powerful photo and art editing app, with advanced features like AI avatars, AI cutout, image enhancement, trendy effects and templates. Use Hypic to edit your selfies and still photos into aesthetic pics of art and boost your social media on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Any questions about Hypic (Pics editor & AI art) Please contact us at retouchpics.support@bytedance.com.
For more new feature tutorials and advanced picture editing tips, please follow @hypic on Instagram  www.instagram.com/hypic_app/ or TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@hypic_global.

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Hypic user reviews :

I decided to try the premium subscription because the app’s editing tools are like a power-up stash! It’s got all the standard stuff plus some unique options you won’t find elsewhere. But here’s the kicker: the AI features, like face enhance and photo enhance, keep turning each other off like they’re playing a game of tug of war. Plus, some AI features reset randomly, and the layout could use some serious reorganization. It’s a bit of a mixed bag: strong but needs tweaking.

It’s really have great feature of removing some objects in photos but I have to apply what is wanted first before this ai knows what I want to copy exactly. I don’t really like it when it changes photo to be so fake. Anyway, it helps a lot as I spent hours editing one photo to be perfect for publishing. So now I could shortcut a bit. If only it could intelligently mirror some parts of the photos. Or maybe could let us do some perspective of the object? Too smart to do it? Hehe

Has plenty of free tools on offer. Some features require signing to cloud accounts but no Google account included. Overall, good app mostly AI centric, nonetheless, pretty useful for editing photos on the go. I recommend it as a decent alternative to pay for apps.

Tbh, this app has so much potential. But for some reason, most of the AI filters dont even work. Had to reinstall, clear cache, clear my phone ram, and anything to do to make the ai filters work, but to no avail. Please fix this, and i might give a better rating.

Best editing tool on the store. This app offering a comprehensive range of features. There are no ad, and the user interface is clean and intuitive. It has all the features you can think of in an editing tool. Also You can edit within a snap. I use it on a daily basis. So far, I am very satisfied with the app.

This app is seriously the best! It’s got awesome features, especially the AI stuff. The autofill rocks, nailing it 90% of the time. Only glitch? Sometimes it messes up legs and fingers and mix up selfies with full-body shots. It eats up data, but totally worth it. Wish it used less data and had a feature to tell the AI what to add. Overall, hands down, the best editing app I’ve ever used!

I’d love to give this a 5 star but theres a room for improvements. One such is adding a ‘favorite’ option. This way we can pick what filters we would love to work with again and wouldn’t be such a hassle to find it again.

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