Mad Skills Snocross – Can you build the fastest snowmobile

[Game] Mad Skills Snocross

Mad Skills SnocrossExperience the awesome thrill of snowmobile racing with Mad Skills Snocross, an intense racing game for all ages. Mad Skills Snocross features:

Eight customizable sleds, with more on the way
Amazing snowmobile physics
More than 100 challenging snocross tracks
A variety of fun terrain types
Wild Daily Dash races every day
Online play against friends, neighbors, and everyone else

Can you build the fastest snowmobile and compete at the highest level of action sports? Pin the throttle when the gate drops and see if you can defeat other riders on powerful snowmobiles over challenging terrain. This physics-based side-scrolling racing game is easy to play but impossible to perfect.

Win enough races and you’ll unlock faster, better snowmobiles. Climb the racing ladder, earn every sled, and become a snocross legend.

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Mad Skills Snocross user reviews :

Typical mad skills game. To many ads and way to much of a grind. Unlike other mad skills game physics are not great at all and it it’s glitchy at best

Great game. Typical Turborilla fare and highly enjoyable. Alas, the ads are too much (after every. single. race) plus some of them simply collapse while playing so you can’t even get back to the game. I’ve now uninstalled it and won’t be likely to reinstall until this issue is resolved. I’m aware you can pay to remove them, but that many ads is a ridiculous ploy to get that money in.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Running ads keeps the game free to play and updated with new content and features. We do, however, offer a one time purchase that gets rid of ads and gives you tonnes of perks forever.

Love the game so far. Think it could benefit from some elaboration. I’m hoping that more “world tour” locations get added with more challenging tracks, maybe even stadium SX style tracks. For gear, all the choices have a lot of black on them, besides the one that is mostly white. Finally a choice of engine/sound like on MSM3 would add some more customization.

Doesn’t have the nostalgic madskills feel. The perfect landing boosts really seem to ruin the flow of the tracks when you get boosts, especially on landings you don’t want it. Makes upgrading sleds seem pointless when opponents just landing boost everywhere. Not a fan of the snowmobile being forced back down to the ground when you pull down on the stick. Otherwise I absolutely love the game and am excited to see a snocross game from a great company. Looking forward to good progression.

This is a great game overall. Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t so hard to earn coins. If you plan on customizing your sled your going to have to spend real cash on micro transactions in order to do so. The paint and or decals all cost 400+ and that’s a lot considering the small amount you receive for winning. Unless you watch an add every race you’ll never make enough. But still overall fun addicting game.

It would easily be 5 stars but I can only give it 3 which sucks because its one of the best apps on the app store.. however still the same issue as in Mad Skills Motocross, it’s just dumb how little money you make per race versus how much it costs to do upgrades. I’d rather pay $2 for the app than have to buy a starter pack for $7 or $8 just to make it even remotely possible to compete with the AI..

  • Thank you for playiing. If you buy the no ads pack, you get no ads for life, double the winnings and a bunch of other perks.

Was loving the game until a few weeks ago. The game started reseting daily and season rewards multiple times a day. I have sent multiple emails/tickets to service with no response. So today, I deleted and reinstalled the app to try and figure it out, and now it won’t sign me back in at all. Hoping to get a response as I’ve paid $ for upgrades and now that is usless

It’s ok. But definitely nothing amazing. The game works on some basic physics. And doesn’t give the same feel as many other games of this sort. Feels more like an arcade game then the real deal. Definitely trying to get people to pay to win. As the rewards are amazingly small for what you need.

  • Thank you for your feedback. If you look around in the game, play the different game modes and claim all the different free offers we have, it actually comes out to a lot of currency.

Best sled game out there. Can’t get on board with the landing speed boosts. Kind of ruins it for me when you hit every jump and rhythm section perfect with a fully upgraded sled and still lose to a stocker because you dont hit every single landing boost…

Great potential, jumping physics need tweaking as everytime you hit a jump regardless of speed or positioning it seems to have little to no effect on if you cleae the gap or not. Also annoying is with jumps or landing the camera zooms in like it’s an action seen, quite distracting.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Make sure to preload the jumps by pulling down on the stick on approach and the flicking it upwards as you leave the jump. That should make it for consistant.

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