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[Game] Match Triple Master 3D

Match Triple Master 3DLove matching games? Match Triple Master 3D is a free and addictive match 3D game that offers you fun & relaxing 3d match games!

Use your logic and matching skills to solve challenging puzzles and become a match master!

Match 3D tiles and clear them to get to the next level! As you progress through each level, endless new objects will be unlocked. This fun and relaxing time-killing brain game will not only improve your pattern-solving ability but is also easy to play!

Match Triple Master 3D – Matching Game Features:

Tons of 3D objects in high quality, including fruits, vegetables, cakes, balls, numbers, and more!
Stunning 3D graphics, sounds and visual effects
Unlock new 3d tiles as you progress in your triple match journey to becoming a match master
Powerful boosters and hints to help you quickly pass challenging levels
Well-designed triple-match 3D levels, each packed with unique elements
Relaxing 3d match games that you can play anytime and anywhere

Match Triple Master – 3D Matching Games is free for anyone looking to train their brain while having fun playing matching games. Search for hidden objects, match 3D tiles, collect triple 3D tiles until you clear all tiles from the screen. It’s fun and challenging!

Tired of the same old match 3D games? Take a break and play Match Triple Master – 3D Match Game! This free 3D matching puzzle game is a perfect way to relax and clear your mind. With its amazing graphics and unique puzzles, it’s the triple match 3d game that you can’t miss!

Join the tile matching fun and relax with free puzzle games in Match Triple Master – 3D Matching Games! Play NOW & match to win!

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Match Triple Master 3D user reviews :

I like this app compared to many others. After playing the first 25 levels, it’s notable that ads are few and far between and I LOVE that it gives you the option to watch an ad to gain more time or double/triple your coin wins. I will watch ads when offered such a choice nearly every time. Game play is simple, but challenging as you advance. I really love the game so far, but reserve the right to change my rating should things become an issue.

Match-three game that’s not overwhelming, can play without having to buy items to proceed. Levels are beatable with fair amount of time on the timer. There is a delay in matching items, so it’s easy to lose track of items if not watching the line where they are being collected (which can cause items to overfill). Ads are mostly totally black (with only sound) on 1st page of 2-3. Overall a relaxing game.

Best 3D match game I have found. Other games were so stressful. If I want that kind of stress, I would work! This one doesn’t rush you, gives you chances to complete the rounds by watching ads or using earned coins. Great job! Update: game has gone downhill. It lags, and doesn’t recognize your taps on items, so you run out of space or time causing you to have to watch an ad or lose lives or “tools”. First time I played I got to level 900. Now I lose lives, coins and have to redo levels.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We recommend starting with clearing the larger items first. They are easier to spot, and often smaller items can be hidden beneath them, making them trickier to find.

Edit: what do you want a screenshot of?? A screenshot itself is a freeze frame, so??? I REALLY love this game but it freezes and crashes every 2 MAYBE 3 levels. I have to wait the LOOONG wait for it to reload. It’s already cost me in the mini games. Have to uninstall Edit: Also, so often it takes many clicks to get the items. I feel like this is done purposely bcuz it’s not with all items.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Please try to reset the ad id and restart your device. If it doesn’t work, please send us an ad screenshot via the in-game “Contact Us” function for us. We will contact our ad providers and request the removal of the ad. Any questions, please send us email via in-game “Contact us”.

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