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[App] Calory – Simple Calorie Counter & Macro Tracker


Quick way to count, track and tally your calories during the day.

Everyone has a personalized number of calories they should eat every day based on factors including their weight, height, activity levels, and weight loss/maintenance/gain goals.

It’s hard to track calorie intake, though, not least because it’s easy to forget everything you eat during a busy day.

Recording your calories as you eat gives you a clearer picture of the calories you are consuming. It also enhances your awareness of food values and nutrient levels, all of which helps you make healthier choices when eating.

Based on your weight, height and activity level, Calory will calculate a suggested daily calorie goal for you. The daily goal will also factor in if you want to maintain, lose or gain weight.

After you know your daily energy requirements, your challenge is to eat the right number of calories!

Calory, meanwhile, will remind you throughout the day to record your calorie intake.


Quick Value Add – quickly add calories you have consumed – it takes seconds
Create custom Plates for regular food and meals you eat
Daily Calorie Intake Calculator which tells you how many calories you need per day
Macro Tracking – track your macro nutrient goals
Water Tracker – track your daily water intake needs
Keep track of your weight
Widgets – quickly log your favorite plates and see your progress
Daily history snapshot where you can review your logged meals
Weekly, monthly, and yearly progress charts which give a fantastic overview while also helping you make comparisons
Custom Reminders / Notifications to keep you on track
Barcode food UPC scanning (US region only currently)
Multiple theme colors to choose from so you can customize Calory
NO registration or sign up required! All information is stored and kept on your device.
Journal View – alternative home screen layout option – see all of your data at a glance
Dark Mode!

Coming soon:
Voice assist – log your food using voice commands
Smart Watch app – quick check of your calorie intake for the day to help you stay on track along with macro nutrient values
Health integration – read/write dietary data to Health apps

Stay hydrated
Eat whole foods rich in healthy nutrients
Avoid processed foods
Be more active and move!

NOTE: Calory is not a medical app. Suggested calorie intake goal is just an estimate based on your profile. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific diet needs.

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Calory user reviews :

I think this app is the best out of all the ones I’ve tried. I love that you can pick your calorie limit . But the balls in circle glitch a lot . Overall would recommend to try

First thing was asked to enter birthdate. Date obtained from a calendar page. Defaults to Jan 2022. Apparently cannot simply enter a birthdate. Have to highlight a date on one of the monthly calendars. Will take 900 clicks to get back to my birth month. Not a good start.
  • Funn Media
  • Hello and thank you for the feedback. We will get this improved in future update.
Creating your own items when the app can’t scan bar codes or labels can be a bit tricky (ie. portion sizes) but otherwise has been great The reminders and visual representation are pretty good. It is easy to see where and of how much you are lacking or shooting over in macros. If maybe some more layouts for different screen and font sizes were available for those of us getting a bit older could be made available that would be nice as sometimes it clips weird. otherwise great stuff ♡
  • Funn Media
  • Hello and thank you for your feedback and using our app! All noted and added to our list of improvements.
This is the best app out there. It’s beautiful, yet simple, yet really effective. My only wish would be if you have the macro tracker enabled it would auto calculate and update your calories for you.
  • Funn Media
  • Thank you for your feedback and using our app!
Exactly what I needed, a calorie tracker with a very easy to use interface & input method. The graphs/charts are also nice. I may check out the Premium features later, but at the moment I’m quite happy losing weight with just calorie tracking.
  • Funn Media
  • Thank you for your feedback and using our app!!
Everything perfect – except can’t set My Foods portion size to 100g, most food I buy (in Europe) have their nutrients written per 100g. I don’t know imperial units.
  • Funn Media
  • Thank you fro your feedback and using our app! Have you tried to update the Unit setting in the app Settings page?
Hi, I found a really annoying bug. If I put in a incorrect weight and then update it later to the correct value, the weight graph only keeps the first value I entered. I put in 145 and updated it to 63 (cuz it was in kg but I accidentally put in lbs) and the graph is still showing 145. It won’t change it down to 63. Now there’s a huge spike in my weight graph and it’s really annoying and a bit stressful to see. And, sometimes the app crashes when I even try to update the weight value.
  • Funn Media
  • Thank you for the update and reporting. Our team is working on a fix.
It’s exactly what it says it is: A simple calorie counter. Minimal taps and hassle to do the job; clean interface. Well done, nice app.
  • Funn Media
  • Thank you for your feedback and using our app! Happy tracking

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