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Mindshine  Happiness is not a choice, it’s a practice. We show you how.

Be guided through proven exercises of meditation, journaling, visualization, gratitude, self-compassion that are super easy to understand and leave you with a strong positive feeling of confidence and happiness.

Do you want to boost your motivation and self-confidence? Would you like to feel more grateful, positive, and happier? Do you want to learn how you can stay calm in stressful situations? For any of your goals, your mindset and daily routines are the keys to your mental health and personal growth.
Mindshine is designed to help you train your mind holistically and find balance in life using the best tools from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Morning routines to boost your motivation, clear your mind with deep breathing exercises, and set priorities with easy-to-use journals.
Afternoon routines to stay on track, regain focus, and refresh your energy levels.
Evening routines to help you reflect, relax, and close the day with positive affirmations, and relaxing guided meditation to improve your sleep.

Get on the fast-track to personal growth and happiness with the best techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness, and leadership coaching.
Feel the motivating power of “micro-steps”. Get guided through science-based coaching plans designed to fit your active lifestyle.

Self-confidence coaching: become your biggest ally through positive self-talking, visualization, and journaling.
Motivation coaching: dig deep to discover what truly motivates and drives you.
Self love coaching: generate kindness within yourself through positive self-image, compassion, joyful meditation.
Emotional intelligence coaching: learn to understand and manage your emotions for improved relationships, productivity, and health.
Reduced stress coaching: build resilience to stress, relax your mind and your body, improve sleep quality.
Concentration coaching: learn to focus on what’s important and to avoid distractions, overpower procrastination.

Unleash you full personal development potential and get access to over 200 effective training sessions designed by experts for your personal goals.

Learn to feel and heal your difficult emotions with our new 10-minute SOS exercises. Slow down and let go of anger, disappointment, guilt, hurt, sadness, loneliness and enjoy the benefit of better mental health and closer relationships.


Value for money: improved mental health and happiness for a weekly price of less than a coffee.
It supports you in taking small daily steps that soon will add up to big changes.
Much more than just a meditation app or positive affirmations app. Compared to apps such as Headspace, Calm App, 7 Mind or Insight Timer, Mindshine shows you a holistic world of proven techniques, all in one app.
Save time: short and effective training sessions that take between 5 to max. 15 minutes.
Daily doses of inspiration and features like personal playlists and statistics help you build positive habits.

Download and usage of Mindshine is free of charge. Full access to the whole training library is part of the yearly subscription. If you decide to subscribe, you pay the price that was set for your country, which is shown in the app. The subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the 12 months period. Your account is charged with each new subscription period at some point within 24 hours before your subscription expires. The current subscription period cannot be cancelled. At any time, you can deactivate the automatic renewal in your settings.

Terms of Service:  www.mindshine.app/terms-of-service/
Privacy Policy:  www.mindshine.app/privacy-policy/

Mindshine user reviews :

I really love the exercises on the app. However, I think it needs some bug fixes. I’ve only had it since yesterday and it’s frozen THREE times in the middle of me typing an exercise. It’s frustrating because I put in less effort when I have to do the exercise over again. If they can fix the freezing issues, I’d give it 5 stars.
  • Mindshine
  • Dear Khadijah Pierce, thank you for your feedback! It would be of big help if you could send an email to our support, explaining in a bit more detail so we can fix it as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy using the app anyways!

Wow I really love this app and I used a few others so that I can compare at least a little. (calm, headspace, fabulous). Mindshine makes it easy for me to keep going. I don’t feel overwhelmed with the whole choice of options or to keep up streaks.

I love the app and need it greatly in my life right now. I wish there were more things available in the free version so that I could use more of the app for the things I have going on in my life right now. I wish i was able to subscribe right now. I have tried 50 apps that have similar goals and they didnt give me even half the peace that Mindshine just did. If you do any scholarship subscriptions for stressed out single mamas, you can find one who currently can’t afford one, right here! Haha

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