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[Game] One in a Trillion

One in a TrillionJoin our game & community and go on a quest to find the rarest eggs in the world! There’s plenty to do and our relaxing casual tapper game is constantly being improved. Are you ready to beat the odds?

NO ads, not a single one
Play by tapping or dragging your finger, it’s simple!
Completely optional competitive game, compete against the rest of the world for prizes and prestige
Unfolding gameplay where you unlock new eggs to collect and discover new features
Work towards creating unique Glyphcards for every egg
215+ super cute eggs to collect with more being added all the time
Mini games, find every egg in 4 different ways to fully complete the set. That is 750+ first finds!
Scavenger Hunt eggs, use clues and chat with the community to find out how you might unlock them
Be assigned your team, from Meteor, Blaze or Aurora and compete together
Very active community and always listening to your feedback
Discord integrations for Multiplayer, Teams, Scavenger Hunt eggs & more
Offline play
Frequent updates to the game

Play along with the community on the best incremental (clicker/tapper) game around! Start your journey to collect eggs, gems and money to become a legendary player. Whether that be by insane luck of finding a 1 in 1 trillion egg or by beating the rest in our daily and monthly competitions.

You can enjoy the best clicker/tapper simulator both offline and online. It’s optional to compete against the rest, if that’s not your bag, collect the eggs offline.

There are no ads at all. No video ads, no forced ads, no opt-in ads. Zero. It’s rare to find a clicker game with absolutely no ads!

The gameplay is endless to make sure that you are never bored. New updates go live all of the time offering new ways to find items and gain prestige.

Collect eggs that range in rarity, some have a 1/250 chance of appearing and the best are an insane 1/1000000000000 chance!

Become a collect legend by finding all the eggs in our various mini games. You can collect an egg by clicking but also in our Frenzy, Scrambles and Power egg mini games. Overall there are 800+ ways to collect.

Compete against players from all over the world to be the best, win daily leagues and monthly prizes. Our competition is based on effort and grinding but also luck, clicking a 100m egg can send you right to the top in a single moment. There is NO pay to win here, a completely fair competition.

Will you be picked for Team Meteor (blue), Team Blaze (red) or Team Aurora (yellow). Join your teammates in Discord and compete against the other clans.

This game is not an idle game, but fans of incremental or idle games may just enjoy this too. Why not give it a shot?

Can You Beat the Odds?
Ready… Eggy… Go!

One in a Trillion user reviews :

Wonderful game. Simple game and easy to learn with tutorials for every part of the game, minigame eggs to shake it up adding extra ways to collect each egg, not a single ad anywhere in the game, and no purchases required at all. The joy you get every time you unlock a new egg is great, multiplayer game mode allows you to be competitive with other people around the world, but isn’t required if you just want a more relaxed and lazy game. Also an endless string of content? Easy 5 stars.

  • Thank you for the amazing review Ethan I really appreciate it! Stay lucky

I have been playing One in a trillion for about a week now and I have to say that this game is AMAZING! The gameplay is not complicating or hard to master the multi-player games are a good touch being able to compete and try to win. The discord community is also super kind and is very active. It’s a super simple game and the style is great. The only thing I would change is to make the the time to update your score on multi player modes faster

This game is very addictive and fun to play, the multiplayer ranks incoursge me to keep playing to rank up from bronze to silver to gold etc. There could be a few improvements though, such as, making a skip button for power eggs or if you want to do multiple power eggs at once, don’t put a yellow gem price on it. And maybe add achievements to the game that give you red and blue gems or maybe even yellow gems for the harder achievements. This would make the game much more fun.

Incredible game, wonderful community, joy to be a part of. I do have a programming challenge for the developer…. your mission should you choose to accept it: disallow the generation of clickable entities beneath the picture-in-picture popout, as to allow the viewing of a youtube video without hindering the collection of eggs. Allow me to re-iterate, the game is 5 stars without this feature.

This game really is amazing. It is one of the best mobile games with constant development and an active community. Zero ads. It has very addictive gameplay with a simple premise, collecting eggs. This game stands out by a long shot in the app store and a must play for anyone even slightly interested. I honestly can’t find ways to praise or recommend this app/game even more! Also, join the discord!

  • Thank you for the amazing review Douglas, I appreciate it! Stay lucky

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