Car Escape 3D – Time to prove your brain still young

[Game] Car Escape 3D

Car Escape 3DTap on cars and escape from the traffic jam!

It’s time to prove your brain still young! Over 10,000 unique puzzle levels awaited.

Tips: the Ambulance should go first!

Ambulance is coming! Please make sure to prioritize rescuing it from the traffic jam.

Car Escape is an engaging and captivating 3D puzzle game that will keep you hooked.
Get ready to exercise your strategic thinking as you navigate through a world filled with traffic congestion, seeking your path to freedom!
Are you ready to test your puzzle-solving abilities on the busy open road?

Car Escape 3D user reviews :

Too many damn ads!!!!! Wth is the problem with the ad situation? I’d like to do a race, also double my scores while playing. Yet “videos aren’t ready” appears!!! Frankly, I don’t really feel like playing unless I can be a part of or get extra coins!!! This problem needs to be taken care of very soon!!!! You’re screwing me by not fixing this problem!!!!

It is technically a puzzle game, but it’s easy to see which cars need to move in which order. You have a limited number of moves each level, but there are less cars than moves, and each car only needs to move once, so the limit is irrelevant. Even on the challenge levels, the solutions are obvious. Since each level takes only a few seconds to solve, there are too many ads.

This is a really fun game. HOWEVER, one HUGE problem is that every time I win a trophy level in first place (and it’s not even close), even though the trophy scale says I’ve leveled up to the next level, I end up having to play the Bronze League all over again. Now, I’m stuck playing at the Bronze level for the third time! Also, it says that there are ‘in app purchases’, but even after reaching nearly level 1’800, the option remains locked & inaccessible.

  • Sorry for this stupid bug. We will fix it in the update version. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Aesthetic looks like traffic escape! Mechanics mirror that game as well. Looks like a generic knockoff to me. There is a glitch where it won’t progress like there’s still a car that needs to be moved but they’ve all been sent on their way. Makes it unplayable, outside of the excessive ads. Speaking of, the hard levels require you to watch an ad with no way to bypass it. So, if you don’t want to watch then you can’t move on. The “boosters” block gameplay; they should not be in the play area.

  • Dear Stacy, sorry to hear you encountered tech issues. Please let us know more details about which level was broken on your device, then we can fix it. Thanks for all your suggestions, we will glad to listen and update later. After all, this game has 10,000+ UNIQUE LEVELS, hope you will enjoy it finally.

I’m on silver level like it says. But it switched game play back to bronze won’t let me switch back to silver level. If this can’t be fixed will Uninstall won’t start over. And I will change my rating waiting for answer. Everything shows silver level but showing up in bronze level. Started this in the 18th with 5 stars. It’s the 20th now. I guess It doesn’t matter loosing players to you. Left several attempts for your to try and fix the problem I started having a week ago.

To many adds. keeps freezing so annoying.I don’t know any other app that crashes as much as this one. Also task of 60 levels per day is over the top. If freezing continues and tasks don’t become more player friendly I will delete app. Sorry deleting. Game crashed 7 times in 10 levels also on hard level after watching add. Then wants me to rewatch add. This is worse. Also double worse when you are on double points ‼️. DELETED

  • We understand how annoying that must be. We’re working on a solution. We hope you’ll re-consider the rating once we fix the issue.

Love the game. I think that when you play the boss should not have ad before the level when you agree to play the level and at the end. I get it of pay money to remove the add but if you don’t you shouldn’t have so many adds.

I find people that aren’t very good at this game are ones that don’t fit that old commercial about selling cars.. .’Drivers wanted’….was the mission statement. yeah if you don’t like driving and thinking fast at the same time then keep scrolling. your racing others to see who come out the fastest…pressure equals fender benders. lol

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