Number Bubble Shooter – Break your highest score

[Game] Number Bubble Shooter

Number Bubble ShooterNumber Bubble Shooter is an addictive relaxing bubble game. Come to play Number Bubble Shooter and give your brain a rest!

How to play NUMBER BUBBLE?
Tap the screen to shoot the number bubble.
The same numbers will be merged to a larger number.


Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit.
Challenging to break your highest score.
Easy to play. Classic bubble game for all ages!
Multiple beautiful background pictures.
Multiple materials of balls. Such as: bubble, crystal, jewel, snowball…

Come and play this game and become a master of number bubble game now!

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Number Bubble Shooter user reviews :

This is the most relaxing and fun game I’ve ever played. Many games claim relaxation but have tons of ads. This game has ads minutes apart that only last for a few seconds and are easily exxed out of. The piano background music is just gorgeous. And the sounds are not that annoying and can be turned off as always while leaving the soothing piano melody on. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to wind down at the end of the day.

I like bubble shooters and I like 2048 style merge games, so I figured this would be a good one. It’s fairly straight forward and enjoyable. I dislike the fact that it gives you the option to watch or not watch an ad, and then plays the ad anyways regardless of choice. Ads are inevitable but that seems a little deceptive. Also, there is no option to turn off notifications.

  • We apologize for this inconvenience. We understand you and we know your feelings. As you know, our app is free to use, and ads give us the opportunity to support the app, optimize it and make it better. You can turn off the push notification function in phone settings. If you have any other questions, please contact us via App-Settings-Contact Us.

A great game to relax and pass time. The aesthetics are nice and the music is nice and calming. I do have a few complaints though. When I first started playing the game, the wheel to spin that you earned was free in that you didn’t have to watch an ad. Now you can only spin if you watch an ad, even though you earned the spin through high scoring. The ads are too frequent or too long. Also would like the numbers to not be so limited. They stop at 1M, it would be nice to climb higher.

  • We apologize for this inconvenience. Ads offer us more chance to design, program and perfect it.Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated. And thank you for your suggestions. We always aim at improving our app and hope you could enjoy a better game experience. If you have any questions, please contact us via App-Settings-Contact Us.

Was going to give a better rating but what is the point of making a game that does not allow you to progress when you do not purchase anything? Need to watch a video to get 5 bubbles when you only get 3 and it is impossible to get past level 223 without watching a stupid video tried 10 times and I refuse to buy anything just to play a game

  • Thanks for feedback. Did you get enough bubbles after watching the ads? This game is not level-based. What do you mean by level 233? We aim to provide a fair choice for every player. Without purchasing, you still can make a progress and have an awesome gaming experience. Please send us a screencasting of your issue via App-Settings-Contact Us.

Very addictive and fun to play. This game also has some of the most calming music I’ve ever heard.

It depends on Facebook and friends to play with multiple times and you can play it on your own to pass the time and it is about math type of game for me and the kids to play and learn to help themselves in school.

Please could you sort out the adds. They keep getting stuck. Then I have to restart the game. Just to have an add pop up again. Disruptive and disappointing, because your current game is lost. No way of beating your previous score. You can’t even get passed the first ad. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks Bon

This is yet another tragic example of greed superseding ALL, and ruining an otherwise perfect game. here are examples of my point. when we merge to the next tier. instead of being rewarded. we get a bloody ad. During game play, the flow is broken by flying cards, or the store pop up. Do you honestly believe that this predatory monetization which interrupts game play is going to entice your players to spend money? change the placement of these ads to appear at the end of the game. you may keep us

  • We apologize for this inconvenience. We understand you and we know your feelings. As you know, our app is free to use, and ads give us the opportunity to support the app, optimize it and make it better. We will take actions towards the inappropriate ads. Would you provide more details like screenshots. Please reply to us via App-Settins-Contact Us.

Original or not (hard to tell), great idea nonetheless and a splendid way to waste time. I do have one wish – a button to restore purchases. I paid for removal of ads, but since I reset my phone the ads are back and I really would rather not have to pay again.

I love this game it’s been very relaxing I’m so far at level 59.. the only thing is once you run out of free times to play and you play where you can score it ALWAYS throw a number that can’t be matched to loose EVERYTIME to end the game. There needs to be more tokens for better scores.. but overall very good game to relax anytime !

  • Thank you for enjoying our Apps and we greatly Appsreciate your kind words. We will be glad to see that you give us more stars later. Our team is constantly working to improve the Apps, so please keep it updated and keep the feedback coming! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via Apps-Settings-Contact Us.

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