Mahjong Solitaire Master – Keep your brain sharp while having fun

[Game] Mahjong Solitaire Master

Mahjong Solitaire MasterMahjong is the most popular board puzzle game and also a world intellectual sport, attracting thousands of players all round the world.

Mahjong Solitaire Master is a fun, easy to play, matching game and its design inspiration comes from Mahjong. It will train your brain with hundreds of puzzles and you will enjoy endless fun! Every puzzle takes only 1-3 minutes to complete, passing each level quick and relax – perfect for whom just need a break.

If you love puzzle, strategy, memory and brain training challenges, you’ll definitely love Mahjong Solitaire Master. Keep your brain sharp while having fun, relax and completing the game at your pace. Addicting in Mahjong Solitaire Master’s world, download and enjoy now! : )


Over 1000 free levels
Beautiful graphics and various layouts- Intelligent free hints- Sound that can be turned on/off- No WIFI? Play offline, play anytime, play anywhere- Suitable for adults and kids
How to Play
The goal is to clear all the Mahjong tiles on the board by tapping matching pairs of tiles.
Mahjong tiles which have the same symbol can be matched.
You can only tap mahjong tiles which don’t be covered.

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Mahjong Solitaire Master user reviews :

I really like this game as long as the weather like this, expecting freezing rain on top of the snow it’s a good excuse not to go outside.

There’s a bug since the last update where the alert (exclamation point) for daily tasks has become a permanent fixture. Even if I have completed the task and quests on a daily basis, the alert stays and it’s so annoying. I believe it stems from the feats, where, instead of showing 1/10 (October 1 daily task completed) it shows 10/1 which does not reflect factual data. There’s no other way to contact the developers directly either except through this review.

Great game. Been playing for many months now albeit, the game crashed a while ago and I had to start from the beginning again. Going well again. This game is a great way for me to relax and I play a couple of games each day at least. My ONLY complaint is that I cannot play and listen to a podcast / music at the same; all other audio is overridden. I’ve tried everything and the game doesn’t work in split screen. Defo a down side!

I like all mahjong games but this one has many issues! When I complete a level, instead of advancing to the next, the app closes and immediately come ad after ad after ad! Then I get out and start over again. Until the issues are corrected, I will have to uninstall this version for something less filled with multiple after multiple ads! Adios mahjong solitaire!

So many ads. I like playing this game, but the ads are so long. You play one game, then ad..and then that ad has a second countdown to it. Then if you get stuck, watch another long ad.. play the 2 tiles you need to end the round and watch another long ad. It’s like play for one minute then watch 90 seconds of commercials. It’s awful

I did an update recently and it keeps having to be restarted because the screen goes dim and game freezes. Been playing for several years and this is the 1st problem. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled, but other than starting with baby games, no change!! What’s up with that?

Knowingly, that there are so many “Mahjong” apps to choose from, what makes YOUR application stand out from the other ones? My complaint today is that you have far to many advertisements. After EVERY game, I have to wait 30 seconds to get to my next level. I understand that advertisements helps support the game, BUT. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.???? I could watch a couple but….d@#$n this is ridiculous!!!  On a positive note, I do like the layout of this app.

Fun game! I like how it has (bonus dice) that when you match them, they remove extra pairs. The daily challenge is a bit stressful in my opinion, because it does not always count correctly.

I’m uninstalling this one now.. The reason is mainly that when I listen to music while playing this game, the music gets paused when an ad starts playing, I can’t even listen to music while ads are playing, I find myself pressing play, then ad pops up again, music pauses again, and it has become such a nuisance I have to uninstall it.

Good classic mahjong puzzle you can play for hours. NOTE TO DEVELOPER: I’ve encountered the strangest bug where the pieces arranged in a “table” twice the size and were upside down or something strange. It happened after I accidentally hit shuffle and home buttons right after the other. I saved the screenshots if interested.

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