Car Restore – Restore old cars to their full potential

[Game] Car Restore – Car Mechanic

Car RestoreRestore, fix and assemble cars and solve hundreds of fun match 3 puzzles in a light and fun match 3 car restoration game.

Use tools and restore old cars to their full potential

Learn how to use tools to fix up cars
Paint and clean up parts
Match and create power-ups
Lot’s of match-3 levels to enjoy
Light and Fun Gameplay

Download FREE with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Car Restore user reviews :

It’s a fun game, and it’s another match 3 that I play when waiting on extra lives for Chrome Valley Customs. They gameplay is the same, but I notice that the customization here is slightly better. There are more options for customizing, and you actually interact with the phone to drill in pieces or sand down a car. Sometimes the game gets difficult and the visuals are a bit difficult to follow, but a fun game nontheless.

Relaxing. Good Hobbie. This treaches about the different parts in building and rebuilding a vehicle expressly the trucks (I like trucks). Growing up, I built model cars and trucks; then there was glue, and now it is finger and thumb action in building the vehicle. If you like building vehicles awesome way. The in-app purchase is not bad, which also gives you the understanding of why repairs of your real vehicle can cost. Again, I enjoy the restoration of the vehicle, period! L.T.

It’s fun, but for a while then it gets boring. Because you have to play a puzzle give each time you want to fix the car, sometimes something as little or dumb as the turn signal or hood. It gets boring very quickly. There should be an option where you can play just the puzzles to hoard coins and then go on a car fixing spree, to keep the fun and energy. Not this silly process of playing for each car part you fix.

The game is decent , but the amount of coins won in match 3 games doesn’t match up to cover the cost of each step restoring the auto, second the difficulty level in match 3 increases way too early. Too me this isnt worth the repeated grinding, To stockpile enough cash to complete the restoration. Needs to be tweaked a little more in those areas.

Decent game to play after Chrome Valley Customs but there are only two power-ups and you can’t win them, only use coins to buy them 3 at a time. Some levels are so impossible to beat it’s an obvious money grab to get you to buy coins to continue levels and buy hammers. The customizations are cool, but each job can be very expensive in relation to the rewards you getl. You would have to beat 4 – 7 levels just for one chore and there are many chores for each car. Also, it crashes frequently

The game is good, fun, and has a nice challenge to it. But, mine is constantly crashing whenever I touch certain areas of my screen. I don’t know if this is a game issue or a phone issue, if anyone knows how to fix this if it is a phone issue that would be greatly appreciated!

It’s a fantastic game. Only complaint I have is grammar issues and sometimes the character names do not capitalize. It would be very nice to have a driving or racing mode with a choice to modify your cars you’ve restored. The map can be open world.

It’s a great game just one issue, level 345 is basically impossible you get very little moves and everything is basically locked. I’ve been stuck on this level for about 2 weeks now and haven’t even come close to beating it

Love the concept of rebuilding custom cars but without buying boosters it’s impossible to move forward , and it’s lame that you custom one part and that’s it you have to play that impossible game to move on , I’m going to try one more time then uninstall it nothing but an aggravating attempt

It’s not that it’s a bad game in my opinion it just got very repetitive like it’s just spend money play game to get said money then get mad because you don’t have enough money to get the next part I didn’t even get past the first level I got so bored and I played for like 1 hour and still wasn’t done with the first car.

I would like this game but you make puzzles to earn money witch i don’t like it and i want to test ride and slide mission to earn money and gold. What about coins because i can’t use it a and puzzles are too many hard.

Its very fun to me, the puzzles get more challenging as you go so you dont just get everything to do it. You actually have to earn to build.

This game is one of the best games I played but before you repair a car you have to spend a lot to remove all the rusted parts making it annoying

It’s a very good game with the mixture of both easy and hard levels I like painting removing and fixing the things

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