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Chef AdventureWelcome to Chef Adventure: Cooking Games, a fast-paced and thrilling cooking game that will take you on an amazing culinary adventure.

Get ready to don your chef hat, sharpen your knives, cook delicious food and drinks. Hungry customers are waiting for you to serve some tasty meals in your restaurant game.

Your journey begins with basic recipes and simple dishes such as traditional apple pie, hotdog, pizza, hamburger, orange juice, coffee, etc., which are very popular in the USA; sashimi, sushi, ramen noodles, beefsteak, taiyaki, takoyaki, and many other yummy foods come from Japan. But as you advance cooking techniques, gain experience, and earn the trust of your customers, you will unlock new restaurants with more diverse meals for diners to eat, like croissants, escargot, steak, grilled pork, sweet cake, etc., that are signatures in French; lobster, king crab, chicken rice, dumplings, ice cream, and a variety of tasty cuisines in the Singapore restaurant. In this cuisine game, your passion for cooking will be put to the ultimate test as you strive to become a culinary legend!

The aim of this culinary adventure is to serve up the right dishes for each beloved diner who comes to your restaurants. You will need to follow the mouth-watering cooking instructions carefully and cook each step to perfection. As you progress through the levels, the recipes will get more complex and challenging. Don’t forget to upgrade food and kitchenware items to cook more delicious dishes and improve your chef skills, making the game more challenging and rewarding. All the diners from all over the world will come to visit your lovely kitchen area. It’s time to cook it up!

Travel to a huge variety of new worlds & discover many different restaurants and delicious dishes to eat.
Wide choice of yummy meals from countries all over the world
Thousands of levels for you to conquer!
Explore all the possible kitchen appliance and interior upgrade options.
Tournaments, challenges, and numerous events in which to compete and win.
Simple and smooth UI, easy gameplay for all players.
Amazing time management game is totally free to play.

Are you ready to set the kitchen on fire and become the star chef? Strap on your apron, grab your spatula, and let the journey begin!

Chef Adventure user reviews :

Preparation of pancakes upgrading kitchen tools bakery items. Appreciations with hearts with serving efforts which means you can progress with your play. Seving 5 to 6 people who keep coming back for more. Drins seved and added to dishes seved or sepate orders preferred dished out. Quie a fast game. Added perks but need to be paid for like boosts i…. e timers help still finding new boosts out. Different levels to work through starting at 1 upwards 3 levels in each keys collected add

I just downloaded this game and it’s alot of fun it’s alot like the other cooking games example cooking sizzle and cooking travel and the food cooks good to not to slow and the food items are easy to see and and you get prizes at the beginning of playing the game as well so I’m giving it 5

Blessings, This game is great for Anyone who want to work on Their Eye and Hand coordination, Memory and All the Other Things that maybe slowing down. Try It.

Very entertaining and challenging. It got to the point that I was going to uninstall, but then finally one. I can only spend money at certain times of the month.

Blessings, Ok this game is great. I suggest that Seniors play these games to aide with the things that Father Time works on. Memory, Hand and Eye Coordination, Reflexes. The Best thing is it’s fast pace and Fun. Try it, You will Like It

I played one level and the app stopped working even after restarting my phone. It’s a shame. I was enjoying it.

Exciting, easy and fun great game to play anytime

Love this game graphics outstanding easy to play and fin

Fun but you don’t get all your coins or jewels

I just started playing with game. It might change as I go on.

This game is a great game please don’t change it well done

this Is very interesting and good my favourite very this is very favourite game

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