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[Game] Lightning Princess – Idle RPG

Lightning PrincessClaim up to Rubies x66,500 and SS tier 1 boots x1 by participating in the 7-Day Challenge Event!

The Raging Lightning Princess charges for the throne!

The electrifying action RPG of the raging Lightning Princess!
Smash the Seal Stone! Crush the boss! Overpower and destroy!
Breeze past stages relentlessly using lightning skills and special attacks!

The “”Lightning Princesses”” were granted special abilities from the creator, the lightning god…
But one day, the lightning god disappeared!?

Now is the time! Charge for the empty throne!
Battle against the Lightning Princesses to claim the crown!

Electrifying battles using lightning! Hack & slash action RPG
Charge like lightning to take down the endless fleet of enemies!
Annihilate monsters with lightning skills that strike from the skies!
Breathtaking sounds, bird’s-eye-view battles, cartoon-like 3D graphics! Triple the excitement!

Freely move around with the easy controls to charge at the enemy!
Take control or leave the princess on auto-pilot. Dual play modes to suit your style
Gather energy during manual control! Blast it at once to sweep fleets of monsters!
When the Lightning Princess is simply unmatched, “overpower” the stage to clear it at once!
Auto hunt and rage modes for convenient battles!

Enhance your Lightning Princess to become the strongest!
Become more powerful with shiny accessories and relics
Purchase in sets to enhance your abilities! Costumes make you stronger!
Black Stones and abilities that add to the princess’ rage!
Even get super-cute pets! Give them snacks to upgrade!

The blood, sweat, and tears of the Lightning Princess’ efforts to claim the throne!
Arena: Battle against the other Lightning Princesses! The princess PvP!
Promotion: Assess your powers! Seize incredible rewards with promotions!
6 Types of Dungeons: Collect various resources you need for your Lightning Princess’ growth!
Tower of Darkness: Defeat the powerful enemy within the time limit to obtain Awakening Stones!

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Lightning Princess user reviews :

More than anything at first, this struck me as a game that delivered on all of their intended features by their launch date in a fairly stable place. The amount of interconnected features and how they do resource scaling is impressive. And the art works for the combat and overall aesthetic, and the game rewards you often! My only critique is that it feels a little hollow and unfun? It is the nature of “free-to-play” games to guide people to pay money, so I at least want it to feel less obvious.

Dull, boring, horrid UI. Visibility of the buttons are just bad. All similar tone and seems like a clutter of mess. Nothing in the gameplay itself that is interesting. Pvp is waste of time as you know the result at first glance, then why bother? Skills are just boring paired with long cooldown. Typical mass chest loot system and dungeon. Plus 1 for the generous rewards… But that’s really it. No excitement and nothing to look forward to.

  • Hello, Henry. Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed review. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the reward system, and we also appreciate the feedback on the other aspects we need to improve on. Our team will always be on the lookout for ways to bring you a better experience. Thank you.

Progression feels nice at first but quickly stalls out to a complete halt for days at a time, making no progress at all. Gathering materials feels like a waste of time considering the rewards for the dungeons are so miniscule you have to buy at least 50 sweep tickets to upgrade something once. Good concept poor execution.

Kinda mesmerizing game! But game UI looks dull at the same time. They should probably cut off those equipment for all the items you can acquire. This game can only be played online just to claim offline rewards and participate in the arena. But if you can log in to the game offline, it would be super great! Game UI and environment could improve for the game to look more beautiful! 4 stars for now.

  • Afdhal, thank you so much for the review! You are absolutely right! Once you begin your adventures with the Lightning Princess, there’s no going back! On the other hand, we understand what you mean about the Arena, purchases, and visuals, and will look for what we can do to improve!

Reqlly really good game. Ads are only optional, that is if you want to see hem, they’re there but not like the other games which shows annoying ads all the time. You can remove the ads by buying ads removal thing too. No time consuming and good art and gameplay. I like this game. Recommend everyone to play this

It’s a perfectly fine, even borderline good idle game. The problem is that you can clearly see a pay wall coming even if I don’t feel it just a day into the game. There are so many currencies and passes that you are eventually going to be pushed that direction. And I typically don’t mind throwing a little money to support a game but the various packs don’t feel like they are good value, even the no ad package is overpriced.

  • K G, thank you for your honest and detailed review of the game. While the game is free to play, we fully understand your feedback about the in-game purchases, and will do our best to take another look at the overall system. If you want to stay up to date on our progress, make sure to join our official Discord!

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