Car Tuning – Restore beat up cars to their full potential

[Game] Car Tuning – Design Cars

Car TuningDesign, Tune, assemble and fix cars as a car mechanic and solve hundreds of fun match 3 puzzles in a light and fun match 3 car tuning and design game.

Use tools and restore beat up cars to their full potential, make design choices to create beautiful cars

Learn how to use tools to fix up cars
Paint and clean up parts
Match and create power-ups
Lot’s of match-3 levels to enjoy
Light and Fun Gameplay

Download FREE with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Car Tuning user reviews :

Love the game… I like that the puzzles are not to challenging but still able to pass the level’s and not be stuck for days as being new to a game..I think it’s cool to replace everything to restore and have multiple colors and designs to choose far 4 star.

As the stages progress, it gets harder to pass the stage. Attempted more than 20 times but still stuck at the stage. Lost my interest in the game. Uninstalled.

Some levels are ridiculously difficult which gets frustrating. Considering uninstalling the game. I play to relax not to be frustrated being stuck all day.

I loved it at first – good balance of pace between “earning money via puzzles” and “spending money fixing up and styling cars”. That ended quick. By the third vehicle, not only didn’t money go as far (AND you’d have to solve 2 or 3 puzzles to buy one part, rather than the other way around like the early game) but some of the puzzles take 4 or 5 tries to solve… You might have to do 10 tries at a puzzle before you finally get back to the vehicle. Just totally replaced fun with frustration. Bad.

To be very honest, the game is quite good, good graphics, good playability, but what really gets into my nerves is the amount if in-game currency asked for some of the parts, also the levels of the game you have to play in order to get extra money for parts, deliberately hard to make you pay for boosters, this is a game i wouldn’t mind to pay for currency to buy the parts, but for now i just going to uninstall and leave it for another try later on.

your game is to difficult to play and enjoy. so that’s why I’m going to be deleating your game and not waisting my time with it anymore. so I rate your game a zero. had to give it one star because it wouldn’t let me post this without giving it one star. but I don’t want to even give it one star because of the difficulty of the game

My daughter and I love these car restoration games. But y’all need to fire the person responsible for the music and the person who programmed it into the game!

Would be better if u weren’t as challenged with the puzzles I just want like a fancy auto motive design though like build the car from scratch

Good but more ways to earn money like races withother people and selling and buying cars because match 3 gets boring and it doesn’t fit in with cars and you earn more money and way more cars thank you

I like the fixing up cars part of the game. However the puzzles are very small and you need to have baby fingers to play successfully or be very stubborn like me. Every level is difficult. There’s no explanation how to break rocks or chains. What I dislike the most is that you are no where near to passing a level and it says “you were so close” when I was no where near close.

stuck on level 43 (semi) and can’t finish it … my 9 year old son the same …. this game was fun in the beginning but after 7 days of trying to finish a level is not fun anymore … trick . when you have no more lives,you remove the app and put it back again and you will still be at the last level you where but with 5 lives ….

So far so good. It’s like most games of this style,the further you get into it (I’m only on the second vehicle at the moment) the more fake currency items seem to cost. But the fact that it’s a rare game (match 3 vehicle restoration) makes it worth while to play at the moment. Give it a try,you might surprise yourself.

It’s a great game to pass the time, lives fill up very quick, gives you lots of choices to do your cars…… Just need new cars adding now as I’ve hit top level and keep replaying it as no more levels and no more cars…. please update more. Will turn to a 5* then

It’s been a while since I finish unlocking the cars. I’m at level 307 and hot rod has done. Hopefully you can update newer cars as soon as possible. Difficulty on the game is okay, there are hard times. No ads to disturb which was a good thing

Alright, so I’m at level 327, got boring and uninstalled the game .All the cars are restored and there is nothing else to do. At level 327, the map is repeating where you need to collect 65 nuts and 60 blue spray cans. Nothing else to do…

Great for vehicle lovers, wish it was that easy. Fun game, wish we could drive finished product…

It’s actually really good. Levels are challenging, but not too hard. ZERO ADS! I’m upgrading the last car now and haven’t spent a dime on extras. Hopefully there will be new cars soon.

Game is superb but I will feel we have to get an chance to drive the vehicle which we have tuned.

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