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[Game] Pix-o-Mania – Pixel Logic

Pix-o-ManiaJoin Anna-the-Owl in her picture-painting adventure through the exciting world of Pix-o-Mania! Solve pixel-art puzzles level after level to uncover the big pictures and watch them morph into beautiful hi-res masterpieces as you travel across exotic countries, scenes and landscapes.

Download free, and start your Pix-o-Mania art quest now!

Solve endless puzzles and get smarter while having fun
Over 900 pixel-art levels to solve
Different level types offer a variety of playing modes
Over 30 big colorful pictures to complete
Completed pictures morph into awesome hi-res masterpieces
Collect and save your masterpieces in the gallery
Share your masterpieces with your social friends
Unlock new countries and sceneries during your adventure
Replay puzzles to get a better result
Hours of puzzling-fun for the whole family
Continue playing on other devices using cloud saves

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Pix-o-Mania user reviews :

The thing I enjoy about conceptis is that they allowed you to make mistakes and learn, this game penalizes you for it and expects perfect play. The segments between one game to the next is slow. In previous games it was about making a motive, here you just solve arbitrary pieces and the puzzle solves itself… This game could have been much better, but Conceptis abandoned what makes them them, and chose to make a mediocre game like so many other puzzle game developers. It’s sad to see

If you’re a fan of the conceptis puzzles this may not be for you. There’s too much animation waiting for the next part of the picture to load. Had to mute my phone during the tutorial as I couldn’t get to the settings to mute the music until that was fininshed. Possibly more for people starting to get into puzzles.

Need more instructions, especially when I hit a button and they disappeared. Plus, some of the play is very unforgiving, enticing one to continue only by paying for more ‘items.’ I keep hoping it will get better, but it seems to be the same thing over and over. Very frustrating. As others indicated by others, not the same as their other puzzles.

Fun puzzles, but the owl needs to show up WAY less often in the middle of puzzles. Seeing it appear every ten seconds while I’m trying to think about what to do is distracting and demoralizing, and having an option to turn it off would be wonderful.

The Signal-to-noise ratio here is awful. The puzzle is familiar from the Simon Tatham collection, but here it is tarted up with way too much overhead. Just when I was losing patience with all the extraneous delays and flash, it told me time was running out. There are too many examples of simple and clever puzzles ruined by P.T.Barnum excess. As a longtime fan, I am sorry to see Conceptis going down this path. Uninstalled.

I get what Conceptis was going for with this game, and this may actually attract people who don’t play puzzle games regularly, which is obviously a good thing. But people who already play and love other Conceptis games will be disappointed with the design of this app.. I feel like it was a mistake to advertise this in existing Conceptis games, as it attracts the wrong audience for the game, which just leads to poor reviews (this is what we’re seeing here)

This game is for children, unlike the other puzzles by the same publisher. The puzzles here unravel linearly, start from one end and make your way to the other. The only challenge is in paying attention, the logic is trivial. Oh, and there’s a cute owl. Unfortunately cute becomes annoying within seconds, unless you’re a child.

It may change later but at least for now the levels are waaaaay too easy. Also, please make the level winning animation skippable, because now I am stuck watching the owl spaz out what feels like way longer than it takes me to finish a level, so it is extremely annoying.

It’s hard to believe this came from Conceptis. Their puzzle games have an elegant interface focused on letting you solve the puzzle. This one had all the dumb “gamification” I hate in most other games. A pointless score, “power ups”, “treasure”, a distracting and not-as-cute-as-they-hoped animated mascot, and now they prompt you with ads to spend money on pointless loot boxes. They should rebrand this and not dilute the Conceptis brand.

Too easy. I kept waiting for it too be challenging. The worst part is how does it is. After every puzzle piece you have to wait thru the graphic of totaling points, adding the piece to the puzzle, and watching the owl cheer, etc.

Really cute :) so far it seems like it’s just Block-a-pix, but I’d love to see other puzzle types worked in. I tried to connect my Facebook, but I keep getting an error about the FB implementation. (Fixed, updated review. Thanks!)

  • The Facebook login should be working now. Please try again

Much as I love the Conceptis puzzle games and want them to make money, I can’t score this more than a 3 while it’s using dark patterns and adding unrealistic time limits to try and get you to spend money.

Puzzles are fun, not too hard. A little too sensitive with selection of squares. Would really like to see the puzzle pieces being placed by the user like a real puzzle

Good game. The ones complaining about not being able to make a mistake are idiots. You have room to make plenty of mistakes. The complainers are just upset because they lack the logic to play the game. I would’ve given 5 stars, but that damn owl is so annoying that it made me do a review and email the programmer. The owl is very distracting and needs to stay away during game play. It’s cute outside of game play. Make the owl go away and you’ll get 5 stars.

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