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aniPet AquariumCreate your own marine aquarium.

Full version features:
20 fish categories, 180 fish species
Up to 20 fish in the tank
Able to feed fish and fish grows
Matured fish may have babies
Background change
Landscape mode
Many options available, such as fish speed, growth speed, food type, light animation, etc.

To use:
HOME/MENU/Wallpaper/Live wallpapers/aniPet Aquarium (free)

This limited free version only has 2 fish and without settings, but provides 2-day trial of the full features.

aniPet Aquarium user reviews :

Truly one of the best live wallpapers I’ve ever had and I’ve tried alot of them. Been using this app for many years and it’s really a shame that there is no longer any support for it. As good as the app is it would be nice to see an update and maybe add more fish occasionally. There are alot of fish but then again there are many missing. Adding maybe crabs or sea turtles would be really cool . Also as good as this already looks would be nice if you could make the fish fins move realistically

Remarkably, this app STILL works on modern phones, I tried it with a OnePlus 7T and you’re still able to apply it as a wallpaper and it fills the entire screen. So if you want this old-school live wallpaper on a new phone, you can still do so!

Perfect Aquarium Live Wallpaper. Very Neat. Looks Very Natural. Types of Fishes are all perfect. Thanks to the genius developers of this LW. God bless you all.

This is beautiful I thought that it was made to a trial but it didn’t say anything haven’t had it for ages just download it again hope the trial is gone and it keeps working it’s my favourite fish wallpaper

Amazing! I used to have these type of interactive live wallpapers back in the android 4 days. Glad that it still works with Android 10 thanks

Love it! Except “feeding” the fish works some of the time. Good thing they aren’t real

Plz upgrade the for new and latest devices and latest Android . Its one of the best wallpaper since 2010 and still very happy to use it…

Almost perfect the only glitch is the way fishes wag their tails it looks stiff and twisted but anyway I’ll buy if they could fix thanks devs

wonderful but I wish there was different kinds of Sharks.

I’m not a dev but I believe ppl should be more willing to pay a cpl bucks to support the devs when they like an app. The thing is that even tho I bought the full version it didn’t show up when I got my new phone and I’m using the same Google acct. I’m perfectly happy w/the free version but it keeps bugging me to buy the full version again. Otherwise it’s a beautiful app that’s well worth $2 to get the extra features and it doesn’t impact my battery. Fix this bug and I will def give 5 stars.

Just got this yesterday. It’s the free version but I have about 15 fish and slots to add more without having to buy anything? Have set the background to “sand” for simplicity and love my new sharks & fishies. Feeding them is cool, the animation is fluent & the whole thing is having negligible effect on my battery. A definite keeper.

I want to thank the people and their friends whom have made this wonderful app for me and you to relax at any a time any where everywhere, thank you-Thad

This app is greatly made with many options and settings. many variety of fishes, size control, speed control, can feed, fishes grow, will die if not regularly fed, run if touched…no extra app permissions required. Improvements- 1.Bring HD…2.Characteristic movement of some fishes . Additions- 1.Alarm as predatory fish which if not turned off will catch few fishes …2.Timely visit of a boat (view of boat base on the surface & option to set time) putting fishing hook raising a sound and action to ward them off otherwise will catch a fish …3.Movement of any one type of small fish in group ☺. Just some suggestions..otherwise also its beautiful The only thing is that fishes start dying in 2-3 days even if you have not selected the settings for that…then the only option available is to buy paid app…but then it is worth paying that amount.

I love this app, it has all my favourite fish and stunning backgrounds. It has loads of ways to custom the aquarium. Perfect

I absolutely love this app! One of the best moving wallpaper apps on Google play store. I love how you can feed the fish with the tiny apps and that the fish repoduce! I’ve never seen another aquarium app that does that!! Definitely worth buying the full version.

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