Cartoon Battle Chess – Put your team together

[Game] Cartoon Battle Chess

Cartoon Battle Chess  For the first time ever, a chess game becomes an even more challenging strategy game!

Use special skills to plan further moves ahead to reduce the life of the opposing figures.

Put your team together!
Combine your characters, line-up and team skills in a clever way to strengthen your team!

Develop your players!
Train your players to improve them and merge them to reach the next level of their potential,

Join a clan!
Play with your friends in a clan of up to 30 players and compete against other groups in future events.

Adventure mode!
Play the story of the “playmaker” to better immerse yourself in the world of hissing.

Arena mode!
Play against the computer with the lineup of other players worldwide and prove yourself in the rankings. Fight your way through the universe and travel countless planets to reach your goal.

Online mode!
Play against other players around the world and try to become No. 1.


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Cartoon Battle Chess user reviews :

Fun game. But my fusion boxes are broken. I used it once and everything was OK. But when I put my purple queen and purple king in the fusion boxes. They disappeared? And now when you go out of it onto main screen . It shows the fusion of my queen and king are done. But when I go into the fusion screen. There is nothing there to claim? So now I can’t use the fusion it’s broken. I hope they fix it.
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Hello David, I noticed the problem and fixed in your case. Please restart the game and check your fusion. If you notice this error again please mail me again via. Info[at]
I am not a typical chess player, but the characters and skills make it a whole new board game experience and great fun to play! Also the art is very original and playfully done :)
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Hello player, we are very happy that you are enjoying Cartoon Battle Chess. We’re working hard to make the gaming experience even better. Reviews like these show us that we are on the right track. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please report them to our support. support[at]
So cool makes, makes each match fun and interesting thank you,
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Thank you for your positive feedback. We work every day to expand the gaming experience so that we can continue to offer new gaming options. Thank you very much Dev Team
It is loading very slowly in 73MB
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Dear Player, thank you very much for your review. We are working hard to upgrade our services. At the moment we are working on a second cartoon project and we will update cbc to a new stronger server until we manage the financial part. Dev Playbosh
they had me rate it before playing….
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Dear player, thank you very much for helping us to improve the game. We will set the timer for showing the rate a view hours higher. Please send us your game id at the settings menu that we can reward your help on the next working day. info[at]
i love it
  • Playbosh Games Entertainment
  • Thank you for your positive feedback. We are constantly improving the game experience and adding new content. If we can do anything for you, please contact our support. Dev Playbosh

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