Card Guardians – Explore a roguelike world called Valentia

[Game] Card Guardians – Rogue Deck RPG

Card Guardians  Card Guardians is a roguelike deck building RPG game where each decision and card can turn the tide in a battle. Conquer new cards, build new decks, and battle many different, increasingly powerful foes.

Explore a roguelike world called Valentia, where the Guardians kept the peace for thousands of years until Chaos Day arrived. It is your task as a Hero to restore balance and peace in Valentia by defeating all your foes, day and night until its kingdoms are once again safe!


Build your own deck of cards with different attack and defense strategies to send your enemies back to the Chaos dungeons they come from.

Travel through several kingdoms seeking to restore peace in a roguelike RPG adventure games world combined with a good vs. evil war card game.

Try different strategies on a new, exciting deck building game where each move can decide the tides of a battle.

Upgrade your deck, try new powers, and become a Hero in a Roguelike RPG Adventure Games.


Are you tired of having to slay the spire and delving dungeons all day and all night? Try our game! Develop a good strategy and slay the enemies to make Valentia’s nights and days peaceful once again.

Please note! This Deck Building Game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description of Card Guardians: Deck Building Roguelike Card Game may also have to be purchased for real money.

Card Guardians user reviews :

for an pre-alpha this game’s bloddy amazing even tho yeah it needs some performance and stuff but still pog! (please for god’s sake at least make the atack effects addictive it’s like watching an gif at 144p quality)

Cute graphics. Repetitive gameplay, explicit loot boxes, rogue like unfairness, but watch some ads!

Solid game, but no way to sell or destroy equipment leading to a very laggy experience the longer you play. If a way to sell or salvage equipment was added this would be a 5 star game

I love the game how you have to adapt tho different strategies depending on which cards you get and also different equipment giving you different bonuses and the hero ability doing different things depending on the hero. I love this game and hope to see the game grow and see the new exciting things they will add in the future
  • Tapps Games – PT
  • Thanks for reaching Yokaiwatchgammer and sorry for your trouble! We are already fixing that issue and it will be gone on the next release. In the future in case you need better and faster support or would just like to provide feedback, please reach us on[at] We appreciate your support and patience!

Very fun and simple way to pass the time. A few extra cards and maybe some fusion elements could also make this game a hit

Glitched and unplayable, there’s too many glitches to mention, the game constantly freezes and every time it does, the enemies health goes to full and your health stays the same as what it was before the glitch. It keeps happening in the first level boss fight which in turn has made the game unplayable because everything bottlenecks to that point and I can never get past it. The game seems enjoyable otherwise but until it has a serious bug update, I won’t be playing it.
  • Tapps Games – PT
  • Sorry you had those issues John! Could you please reach us on with more info, such as your player id, so we can provide you with better support? We are a small team and we want to make sure we are aware of every bug so we can fix them all. Thanks for getting in touch!

Hand resets each turn, so you cannot set up your next turn. Energy resets too. Pick up little cards along the way, and remove maybe 1, so the deck stays almost the same. Progress is made only through gear equipped (it doubles your stats), making a run outcome already decided at the beginning, no strategy involved. Not my game.

Love this game. But too many bugs. Sometime: 1. Ultimate skill cannot use and u must skip 1 turn. 2. Game is always freeze. U must log out and log in again. After that your cards will be disappeared only basic card in your pack. 3. When delete game and reinstall in new device. All equipment and chapter lost. The game cannot sync with google play or other account. U must play again from beginning… Pls fix all bugs!!! Anyway vote 5 star for this game

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