Carve The Pencil – Enjoyable carving experiences

[Game] Carve The Pencil

Carve The Pencil  Create a perfect pencil art with handy tools!

Enjoyable carving experiences
Simple but engaging mechanics
Satisfying visual effects

Carve The Pencil user reviews :

I like the game and recommed but as some who is a 100% cometionist. Its frustrating. I go into the app and went back, meaning to see how far i have goten, find all of the pencils and badges swapped! The medicine badge was in the the halloween section. And it was like this all the way up to the pets section. I want to give it 5 stars but 4 is the most

I enjoy this game very much, but it is frustrating. Once you finish the tower section, there’s nothing else to do. What is the point of the mystery boxes and such if they don’t give you new carvings to do? Other than that, I think this game is worth it.

The game is good but the ads and once you’ve done all the pencils it doesn’t give you more, if you reset the progress you just redo all the stuff you’ve done already, maybe give the game more designs to carve and less ads

Very satisfying I could spend hours playing this game nothing is wrong with it at all………..there aren’t even ads…..great game best satisfying game ever I think this is the best game I ever played in my life aside from glamland…..

Haven’t played it yet so three stars but Darren Maggs Mabey it not a cash grab Mabey it’s people trying to make money from a free game and if you don’t want ads then stop being cheap and buy a 10 doller game like Minecraft or thing

To many adds, but still a decent game. I think they should do an add after 3 rounds of playing. Instead they do add after every round. Its kinda annoying. But I recommend it

To get a good game downloaded you look at the reviews, I see its 3-4-5. Fairly good ratings. Again I’m saying to get a good game it has to have hardly no ADS. The game only has 1 per round. Good for a game that’s my style. But I have only played this for 5 minutes!!! LOL It’s a outstanding game and you shouldplay it cause it’s awsome!!

very realaxing!I love this but you should add more pencils to carve,I’ve carved all the pencils and I want more,other than that this gamw is amazing!

I really love it, but I’d love to see the option to favorite certain pencils. There’s so many but my preferred one requires me to scroll back all the time haha

Great game. Relaxing and calming after a long day. Just wish you would add more levels and I would give this 5 stars.

Terrible, aside from the advertising after every single pencil the graphics, game play and options are rubbish. I have dont better in real life

Brilliant game very fun. One small problem FREQUENT ADS. But aside from this it’s five stars. Psst. Hey remove the frequent ads for five stars!

Fun game but after a while it just pushes adds to get you to Buy money its not fun if in order to progress you have to watch adds

An okay game, I completed all shapes with their designated colours. Game is flooded with Ads to the point you can back out or restart a level without a God damn ad

This a game which passes your time quite fast as it does not gets boring at all. However there are some problems which the game needs to fix. Some of them are :- 1)Pay to win – This probably is the biggest problem right now in the game. 2)Glitches and Bugs – Please fix it. 3)Ping Problem – People are losing their rank due to this. 4)Matchmaking – It seriously takes a lot of time if you have higher rank. Otherwise in my opinion this is the best game in the world!

Any app that has way too frequent ads is an automatic one star for me. Literally after every round you have to sit through a minimum of a 5 second ad, and most of the time you have to manually skip the ad or sit there for 30 seconds. There is no need for this level of frequency and just proves that this was written purely as a cash-grab rather than a genuine game.

very addictive,,,please please make more carving games such as this,,with more of difficult levels,,love this Game

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