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[Game] Reactor – Energy Sector Tycoon

Energy Sector TycoonBecome an industrial idle tycoon by managing your nuclear energy sector company and your idle profit!

Give your idle economy a nuclear boost with specialized power plants. Take on the challenge and discover the best strategy and earn as much cash as possible!

Build power plants, produce energy, expand your energy business. Make money, become a billionaire and much more! Download Reactor – Idle Tycoon: Its an ultimate business tycoon simulation game.

Welcome to Reactor – Energy Sector Tycoon, a pixel based graphics that offers you tons of fun at the spot. In this simulation game you will be building your energy sector company, making fortune, producing energy, building energy ecosystem for your city and upgrading the power plants. Sell energy and become a billionaire and a clicker hero. But it’s not as easy as yout think. You have to manage heat production, convert it to energy, otherwise power plants will explode.

Start your business and make money! Research new tenchologies and build new power plants, sell energy and manage idle tycoon systems. Buy new locations for your business. Reactor is just a perfect business tycoon simulator. Grow yourself from an ordinary businessman to a giant economy tycoon. Develop your skill as a financial entrepreneur simulator.

Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
Get idle cash, even when you are offline
Prestige feature
Generate energy from more than 15 different power plants: Including wind turbine, solar panel, nuclear reactor, fusion reactor, stellarator, arc reactor, dark energy reactor
Play offline – no wi-fi needed

Reactor – Idle Tycoon is must have idling simulation game on your device especially when you got some time to kill.

It’s time to earn profit by selling nuclear energy to be a hero and a millionaire. Are you ready to become a rich pixel tycoon and the clicker hero? Just download and install this idle clicker game right now. Real Tycoon adventure is waiting for you here!

Energy Sector Tycoon user reviews :

A very good tycoon-ish game. I absolutely love the developers that allow the game to be played without internet. Otherwise, for me, no downsides, just a fun incremental game. The ads don’t work, for me, as in, I can’t watch an ad to get money. Probably just a bug, but I’ll try reinstalling the game. Would love to see the game regularly updated! I adore the developers.

Great has me keep coming back the pixel graphics are great. Everything is pretty straightforward. , but one thing, The system in which you get rid of obstacles (Mountains, and Trees) is terrible, waiting for an hour for one out of four recourses to destroy it. Other than that the game is really good.

I’ve always enjoyed coming back to this game once a year or so and it’s relaxing and enjoyable. However I do feel that it needs some reworking. The upgrades for your power plant output/lifetimes are around 2 orders of magnitude too expensive to ever be worth it. And the Corp/Banks are badly undertuned. You have to fill every single spare square with them to have any hope. All this makes the final few power plants essentially prohibitively expensive and therefore totally inaccessible.

One star for the idea, and another for the fun old-look-graphics. Minus three stars for: super inaccurate realisation of power plants (Solar Panels don’t produce heat, the tokamak and stellarator are fusion-type power plants), the unneccesity of the battery, the boredom once you’ve reached prestige level 3 or 4 due to the lack of incentives (e.g. whole new areas, goals, missions, challenges), which, btw after lvl 3, if focused on efficiency take less than a day to level up again.

Relatively few complaints it’s a simple loop with few complexities, like a mobile game which it is But after the research is done you’re just waiting for upgrades to get the final plant (which takes forever) and the only thing you can do is clear terrain, it just takes checking in hour increments so again simple and just something to open it So I open, check it close and when I open it it didn’t count it doesn’t save that when you close it, which doesn’t make sense since other things do

Literally unplayable, game won’t progress after placing 1st windmill in tutorial – can’t close the dialogue box tutorial guy makes either. Restarting the game doesn’t help. Motorola, Android 12. — Update: tutorial still broken, but able to quit load and actually play. A very simple idle farmer that makes older buldings irrelevant immediately upon getting an upgrade once you can afford the upkeep costs.

I haven’t played this game for long but I have to say it is a good game and is very relaxing, The bad thing is that it takes forever to remove obstacles. I accidentally forgot to place a generator in one area and than most of my nuclear plants exploded so you have to be careful not to over heat them.

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