Cat Cell Connect – Can you make the 1024 cell

[Game] Cat Cell Connect – Merge Number

Cat Cell ConnectStay home and play Cat Cell Connect – Merge Number Hexa Blocks!

Cat Cell Connect – Merge Number Hexa Blocks takes the best ideas of merge numbers puzzle and number cell connect and turns it into a total Color Number Hexagon Blocks game. Merging more than 4 identical number cells to get a bigger one. Can you make the 1024 cell??

How to play?
In a checkerboard of limited cells, your mission is to connect cell. Try connecting at least 4 identical number hexa cells with the same number to make a bigger number. Tap on the number cells and empty cells to move the number hexa cells. Everytime your move can not merge numbers, new waves with random color number cells will appear to make it more challenging.

Power Ups:
There are 5 power ups you can use to support you for making the highest score:
Change upcoming cells: Use it when you need something new to connect cell.
Clear one cell: Clear the blocked cell to open the way to connect cell.
Clear one type: Make one type of cell number disappear from the checkerboard.
Clear random cells: When it’s hard to choose which hexagon cells will be cleared. Let us choose it for you!
Swap cells: Change position of two number cell in the checkerboard.
Upgrade cell: Instantly upgrade one cell into higher level.

Ice: Whenever a number hexagon is covered with ice. It cannot be moved or merged into a bigger number hexa.
Upgrade: If a number hexa cell is placed in an Upgrade cell, it will be upgraded to the bigger one at the end of the process.
Bomb: If a number hexagon cell is placed in a Bomb cell, it will be blown up at the end of the process. Try not to let your number cell blow up.
Multiplier: Make your score multiply when making color number combinations.

Now let’s see who can get the highest score. Number cell connect master!

Classic Mode
Enjoy the game for anytime, anywhere with a full static checkerboard in this merge numbers puzzle. No Time Limit in Classic Mode.

Daily Challenge Mode
Challenge yourself every day to earn the crown and win the golden trophy!

Kind of number connect cell: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048
Easy to play but hard to master.
Checkerboard + number hexa cell connect, bringing you a fresh game experience.
Endless hexagon cells + random color number, making it progressively difficult.
Support both real devices and simulators. You can play it on a NOX player.
Strategize to achieve high scores!
Entertaining and totally FREE to play!
Relaxation and Stress Relief ?? !
Stimulate your mental and Train your brain !
Endless play to get your brain going all day long! What a BRAIN stretch!
Bright, colorful and cute hexagon blocks with cat-shape skin
Suitable for all ages
Addictive number color games – cell connect 2048.
No internet connection required, you can play anytime
No time limits!
Perfect brain-teaser & perfect for small pockets of time
Play stress-free! Your game will automatically save.
Helpful hints and undo function
Free power up with daily rewards!
Perfect pause for your refreshment!
Designed for phones and tablets

Cat Cell Connect – Merge Number Hexa Blocks is a fun but challenging game. Come and give it a try! Download now for free.

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Cat Cell Connect user reviews :

Good game with potential to be great. Hoping coins will have a better use like new skins. Achievements and a leaderboard would be a huge bonus. Challange levels should be individually selectable with seperate high scores for each! The option to choose the level at which tiles are removed for scoring or even the option to not have them removed at all for infinite number building would attract some people. Bugfix needed on notification checkbox not stopping notifications.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Those annoying bugs will be fixed soon in the next release today. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

Premium app, has a price intended but still has ads inside the game. You have to pay ingame for no-ads. That’s bs. Pay for access and pay for no-ads. Don’t get surprised when this game disappear and appear in another section and you end up having to buy it again.

  • Hi Jeffer, firstly we are very sorry for the confusion you have. There was an accident that cause the app has a price to download. But we’ve already fixed it immediately and now it is FREE to play. Thank you for your feedback. Hope you enjoy the game.

After the recent update, the game became too easy. It feels like I no longer need to use any powerups.

  • Maybe the option to show the position of the upcoming cells make you feel easy. You can turn it off in the Settings to have more challenges. Thank you for your support. Feel free to let us know what can we do to make it better by contacting us at nonuitstudio[at]

It helps my mind relax when I’m stressed to the max. Not bombarded with ads. I love it!

  • Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game!

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