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Concentration MatchPicture match classics that never get old! a great brain trainer.

This kind of matching game is one classic memo game where you have to pair matching cards that are upside down. This picture matching game will challenge your memorization, concentration, attention and test your brain skills. Test your brain. Find the matching cards & Match-Up!

Picture Match is a great matching games for adults but also an amazing and challenging matching games for all ages. It is a memo game for everyone were you have to distinguish between beautiful images, full of colors, and find the pairs. Exercise your brain with brain games every day. Take this challenge and you will see the difference!.

Why accept this challenge? well, this game will not only improve your memorization skills, it also increase your accuracy, train your reflexes, increase your speed and can help you withbrain problems or lack of attention like ADHD.

You can play a story mode to challenge your skills every day or if you are in a hurry you can play a quick mode game. Memorize the beautiful images (logos, cartoons, etc) of the cards and find theirs pairs, boost your brain.

Different levels of difficulty and lots of decks to choose from
Mobile games
And more..

This matching game is an intellectual game and logic game for all ages.

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Concentration Match user reviews :

Love it. Simple but excellent memory practice. Only four stars because some of the pictures are too small on a phone (at more than 5×4) to differentiate (i.e. the cartoons). Also, please, it needs more categories. If you play every day, you start to mix up the prior game with the next. Please, add more categories. I love the game but it’s getting boring.

Lots of ads, but so far so good. Not seeing the ads being more than other games I play, and is a nice occupier while watching other shows. The ads remind me to look up, lol. I often play games while watching intense shows, and this is a good one for me. Hardest levels are those that you don’t have an id for the pictures, like some of the kid cartoons, or for me, the car pictures. Icons and produce are the easiest, I find.

I loaded this on my husband’s phone to help him in his cognitive skills after a recent brain bleed and brain tumor removal that affected his cognitive skills. It’s exactly what I was looking for. He said he feels sharper and more alert after playing a few games. I started with the easiest level and will move up to the next level as he progresses. I like the fact that you can choose to repeat the level as many times as you want rather than the game advancing to the next level as you complete.

I loved this game. I don’t mind the shuffling and flipping. I arrive to get 3 stars and have done so until you get to the highest levels. No it is more frustrating than fun. Too much movement makes it impossible to get 1 star. I make a selection and then it turns and moves soni don’t even know what I selected…. That is a little unfair and then you go to make a match and it moves so you get it wrong. Not fun anymore…

Very addictive game. In story mode, as you go along, it gets harder and harder. Eventually, the cards will shift a few at a time. Then the whole board spins upside down. I hate that. But it makes it even more challenging and fun I guess lol. I wish I could understand how to change difficulty mode, if that’s possible. Not crazy about the cartoons. They are the hardest matches.

It’s a great game to improve your memory which I need in the worst possible way and changes boards each time your done with the previous one. Of course I seen in the previous reviews that there are quite a few ads but that’s to be expected, if you would cut the ads in half I will give you the 5th star!

Simple, passes the time. Engages memory and concentration. Don’t like that you have to buy additional categories.

My favorite game when I was a kid was memory. It was fun but hard to find someone to play game with me. I love this game too, but it can be a little redundant. I think we should get some kind of reward or something like that. And see our progress. Wouldn’t be so redundant. So t bought the middle pkg, more pics. But to I want to use them in 2 player games. I’m don’t know how to get them. And I’m able to play online matches but can’t get 2nd person to play in the 2 player mode. I think im playi

This is a fun, relaxing and easy game. I play it here and there, it takes the stress edge off. The music sounds a lot like a game show I remember. Cute, enjoyable, good time passer. Only down, not crazy about the permissions it asks for. Rewrite, copy, delete all my game(s) activity. If it’s just for this game fine. If it’s for another game I have, mmm–no.

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