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[Game] Cat Garden – Food Party Tycoon

Cat GardenHey there, hooman!

Loads of furry new friends are waiting for you in “Cat Garden – Food Party Tycoon”.
We’ll whisker you away to a world full of sushi and adorableness.
Get ready for a tail-spinning experience like no other!

Cat-tivating Gameplay
The cutest chefs in town need your help creating the most purr-fect sushi ever. We’ve gotz our chef hats on, and our paws are ready to make bread AND SUSHI!!!

Pawfect Sushi
Satisfy your cravings with cat-themed sushi rolls and a variety of delectable Japanese dishes. Meow-nificent!

Make Yourself At Home
Make your restaurant as cute as we are! Customize it with playful cat-themed decor and create the most coziest dining experience for your customers!

Cat-tastic Staff
Meet your cat-servers, each with a unique purr-sonality!

Meow-sic to Your Ears
Relax and savor the tranquil vibes of your sushi haven!

Purr-sonalized Cat Avatars
Customize your feline chef with adorable accessories. Serve your dishes with flair!

Whisker-licking Recipes
Discover exclusive dishes for a culinary journey like no other to surprise and delight your guests!

Calling all cat lovers! Download now if you are:
A Cat-tivating Soul: For those enchanted by cat games, this is your purr-fect paradise!
A Cute Cat Exclaimer: Can’t help saying “Cats are the cutest!”? You’re in the right place.
A Virtual Kitty Lover: Raise your new virtual kitties with love.
A Tycoon Master: Grow a small restaurant into an empire!
A Relaxation Seeker: Dive into a new relaxing game.
A Cute Game Admirer: For lovers of cute animal games and kitty games.
In Need of a Fluffy Escape: Take a break from working hard all day with fluffy new friends.
A Cat Mom or Dad: Find more cuddly companions to travel with you wherever you go.
An ASMR Enthusiast: Enchanted by soothing sounds? This is your place.

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Cat Garden user reviews :

Overall nice concept and art style, but please improve qol so that the animals don’t walk through each other. Also, please make the coin cat continuously collect coins when we’re away, otherwise it’s very difficult to earn enough coins when game is closed. We should also be able to see the whole list of customers instead of just the upcoming one. Level up interface needs to be clearer and more distinct on which level you’re currently at. Give us option to remove touch feedback.

  • Thank you for giving me your opinion through the review. I will refer to the suggestions you mentioned.

Hey so this is weird but I dont think this is a real game? It sells it self as like an afk. Tycoon game. With cats. Which is fantastic. The concept and the art style are adorable. And I understand it needs to be profitable so it has ads. But the ads really intrusive and set them selves to download apps as soon as they finish. And that is super scary. I worry that this is just a box of malware waiting to be opened.

  • Thank you for the review. You can earn rewards by watching ads. Please note that it has been arranged so that the goods needed to play the game can be obtained through advertising rewards. We will monitor the areas you are concerned about to ensure that no problems arise.

It’s a good game so far no forced ads, easy to play and earn coins too. The only issue I have with it is the writing is way to small to read anything to know what you need to do, sometimes tapping on the mission shows you but not always. I definitely recommend you make the writing bigger and more friendly towards people that struggle to read small writing like me. If that ever happens I will change my review of the game until then I will struggle on to read anything

  • Thank you for giving me your opinion through the review. I will refer to the suggestions you mentioned.

I may have only been playing this for 2 days but I am obsessed with this game. The detailed tutorial, the graphics, the bgm, the gameplay ofc all of them are absolutely amazing! I have never played a game like this before. I dont have any problems with this at all but i do have one suggestion maybe for the upcoming updates you can make the bigger cats and animals like Meowscle eat more plates of food maybe like 2 or 3 plates? But overall i love this game!! I would love to reccmd to my friends!!

  • Thank you for giving me your opinion through the review. I will refer to the suggestions you mentioned.

Love this game so much, the cute characters and the big fat lucky cat! Just everything about this game makes me want to cry in a happy way. But sometimes on multiple occasions no customers come in like at all. And all my dudes just stand around confused, I have to restart the game to do it so it’s not permanent.

  • please send [Game Name/UserID] information and information about the problem you encountered [[at]] via email. I will reply after checking the mail.

very adorable game, i really like it, however there are lots of glitches that i faced as soon as i started the game, for example the table is misplaced above the chairs and the ground glitches (lots of brown spots around the map if that makes sense) nevertheless looking forward for future updates and improvements!

  • I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ll check the phenomenon you mentioned.

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