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[Game] Clean It – Restaurant Cleanup

Clean ItWelcome to Clean It: Restaurant Cleanup!, the ultimate cleaning game experience where cleanliness is key to success!

Dive into the world of restaurant management as you embark on a journey to build and expand your very own eatery.

Tidy up the cluttered rooms, clear away trash, and lay the foundation for your dream restaurant. As you progress, unlock cash registers, food stands, and tables to attract customers and boost your earnings.

But it’s not just about making money – maintaining a clean and tidy life is crucial. Hire servers to keep the tables tidy and ensure your patrons have a pleasant dining experience. Be vigilant in collecting garbage to keep your establishment spotless and customers satisfied. Cleaning dirt is crucial in keeping your business going – power wash the floors, clean the beach and keep a tidy life!

As your profits grow, so too can your restaurant. Unlock new rooms to expand your business empire, upgrade your character and servers to increase capacity and efficiency, and watch as your profits soar. In the world of cleaning games, Clean It brings you a unique cleaning and business management experience!

Game Features
Restaurant expansion: clean up new rooms to get more cash and customers!
Upgrade your business: set tables, open bars and deliver food!
Hire staff: employ cleaners to keep everything clean and tidy – make sure you upgrade them for the greatest cleaning capacity!

With addictive gameplay, charming graphics, and endless possibilities for expansion, Clean It: Restaurant Cleanup! offers hours of entertainment for all players who enjoy working games. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, do some hoarding and cleaning and build the restaurant of your dreams? Download Clean It now and let the cleaning games frenzy begin!

Clean It user reviews :

It’s decent. Good time killer. There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed. 1. The settings NEVER stick. Every single time I load the app, I have to disable haptic and music. 2. Some ads are playing their sound at the MAX device level no matter WHAT my device sound is set to! Also the volume on these ads DON’T turn down when I turn my volume down. Only fix is to close the app. This is a real problem and poses health risks to our hearing! PLEASE address this or drop those advertisers.

Okay, this is honestly a good game. Good game play, interesting levels, etc. What ISNT good about it is the obnoxiously long ads.. Some are excessive, lasting 1-2 MINUTES before the countdown even begins. Don’t get me wrong, I understand ads are needed for developers, but come on… that’s excessive. There are also some ads that open the game download page un-prompted.. I watch ads to upgrade, I don’t mind.. within reason. Give us a break..

This game is nothing that will test your brain power but it’s good to kill a bit of time. I enjoy the game and like working through the levels (upgrading everything lol) but I’ stuck, like many it would seem, waiting for chicken to unlock. Are there any plans of unlocking it sometime in the near future? We have no idea but I do hope so otherwise its another game that’s going to get deleted

The game is enjoyable and soothing for me but the no ads purchases are ineffective. It worked for all of 12 hours and no I’m being pestered with ads that are much as a minute long again. If the no ads option isn’t a permanent option or doesn’t function as promised then don’t have it. It comes off scammy. Otherwise the game is solid and does give opportunities to advance in the game

The ads do give rewards but gameplay is slow unless one does watch them. There’s plenty of pop-ups, too, of offers to buy in game items. I played about 10 minutes, watched probably 15+ videos, some even required viewing 2 for same reward as watching 1. Then, I was forced to watch an ad. So, I uninstalled it.

Was fun if simple and not quite as advertised but closer than most game ads these days. However, there’s not much to the game and there was a map update pending, but there wasn’t much to start with so I dont think it’s worth keeping on my phone and waiting any longer than I have. If there were more restaurants to get through than there is, I might have waited, but it didn’t even take 2 weeks to get through what’s there. Thus, I’m getting rid of the game.

I LOVE this game. My only downside is I paid for the floor cleaner and no ads, which has been great but after a few days of playing I unlocked a new area and none of my tables are appearing for me to continue playing. I really hope this gets fixed. I hate to delete a game I paid money for and love because of a glitch

My only complaint so far is that I have to restart my Galaxy S24 Ultra to collect offline earnings for some reason, but aside from that, the game is great. Occasionally the cleaners will bug out and stop moving or the fancy tables will automatically clean without giving a tip. Not a huge issue though.

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