Cat Hero –  Explore the Dreamland in Rock Candy Ville

[Game] Cat Hero – Idle RPG

Cat HeroGrowl! Monsters are haunting my master in his dream every night.

Please help me so I can make his morning refreshing again. Take out fish from the magic tank and merge them. When you merge the same shape fish, a larger and stronger fish missile will be made.

The more you merge the fish, the stronger the missile becomes. Magic tank will fill the fish so don’t worry about running out of fish!
Meet friends and companions on your journey: Sausage, Onigiri, Chicken, Pudding, and many more!
Explore the Dreamland in Rock Candy Ville and Fish Bone Ruins to find valuable items!
The Giant Nightmare takes the form of the dreamer’s greatest fear. But with a big and strong fish and reliable companions, you’ll be able to conqure the Giant Nightmare tonight!

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Cat Hero user reviews :

I don’t wan to give 3 star rating, I just wan to make a report bug but can’t find other way to do it. ( Facebook, Instagram can’t find it ) I wan to say the cool down time reduction for ‘dinner time’ doesn’t make sense. I’m using 3 companies total I have 80% cool time reduction. Which mean it suppose to reduce the time from 20s to 7.84s. But it shows 10s ! I have tried many different calculations but non of them is 10s. Please kindly fix the bug or let me know if I did the calculation wrong.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We apologize for any inconvenience. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the relevant department to check the issue you experienced. If you have any other concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through the official email below, and we will provide detailed guidance Contact Info: cathero[at]

Update killed my game. After the update, it wouldn’t let me login and i couldn’t find anyway to contact support. So I was forced to uninstall and I found none of my progress was cloud saved. So that’s it. Otherwise, while the game was working, it was a fun concept and pretty good idle game. I hope they fix their issues.

Well the game itself has some fun in it but without paying you ain’t getting anywhere and even if you paid for game passes, vips etc you’d probably still have a hard time progressing from level to level. It gives you so much stuff at first but after day or two you don’t even have resources to do research

It’s not bad, I wanna start with that. The game is cute and the music, sound, and art are all great. But sometimes the game will just black screen with text about an error that you need to restart the game to fix, which is always does but still. I haven’t had any other issues and I understand that the game is new so I’m not gonna be too critical about it. I just hope it gets fixed in a future update.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will relay your feedback to the team in charge to make improvements. And we will do our best to solve the error you mentioned as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any other inquiries. Contact Info: cathero[at]

Entertaining and cute idle game but has technical issues. #1.It took more than half an hour to load at the “loading” screen for me. I don´t know of this is normal but it shouldnt imo. After loading game is smooth but #2.Once I closed it and tried to open again it freezes at title main screen Cat Hero. Had to reinstall or data clear to work again but still had#1 & #2. Linked with G Account to save progress and choosed the old file then restarts the app but #2 happens. thisissomeSchrödingerCatH

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. The error can be resolved by updating your mobile device’s OS to the latest version. If the problem persists, please contact us through the following official email address Official email: cathero[at]

previously I have played this game just about a day an half, but I can’t get my hands on the game anymore due to the “An unknown error has occured” and I may have lost my data due to my decision of uninstalled and then installing it back, but seems to unable to connect back to the old datas that lately connect with my email, need supports from the dev and the publisher asap!

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