Dungeon and Evil Hunter – Grow your hero

[Game] Dungeon and Evil Hunter

Dungeon and Evil HunterDefeat the great evil lurking in the abyss.

Game Traits
Dark Fantasy Hack-and-slash Idle RPG
Limitless farming of equipment through the Rift Stages
Build your own combat style through dual weapon system
Upgrade hero traits in the strategic upgrade system
Unlock skill traits and upgrade your skills
Grow your hero with diverse combat contents
A fantastic variet of follower skins and a skill system for each of the follower grades

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Edit: Most importantly it’s an auto-battle game, no point in playing a game that plays itself. It’s too dysfunctional. Character got stuck in enemies for a long time, could not attack and did not get attacked they ust seem stuck in eachother. Later the screen went black could only see numbers from dealt damage, everything else was just black.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. We are sorry to hear that you felt uncomfortable while using the game. We will forward your comments to the relevant department for reference. Thank you for your interest and experience.

Game has potential. Controls and menu buttons are too small, makes it quite unresponsive. Walls, rooftops etc will block your view of character and fights, quite annoying. Doesnt seem to be much of a story, only 3 “characters” to choose from. Start up time is even worse than diablo immortal, will occasionally freeze phone making you forced to reboot or just stuck in a loop trying to sign in. My internet is fine. Drains battery like mad, even on lowest settings.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. Thank you for your precious comment! We’ll send it to the department in charge and do our best to improve the game. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

Not for me unfortunately, idle auto games and there’s no real choice just click the next upgrade available. Lots of other things I didnt like about the game design but not worth getting into.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. I can feel your disappointment through the review. I feel heavy because I don’t think I’ve given you as much satisfaction as you want. However, next time, we will try to provide more improved service and enjoyment through valuable reviews that you have left to receive more positive reviews!!

EDIT:there is a bug of not getting offline reward when the day pass ,so we lose many hours(10-20h) of game materials. My day reset at 18pm and if i don’t log in after 18pm we don’t get offline reward when we open the game and we lose many hours. Thank you for creating this beautiful, smooth,

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. First of all, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We tried to help quickly with the symptoms you are experiencing, but it is difficult to provide prompt help because it is difficult to confirm the symptoms based on the review content alone. please contact customer support  mobirix.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

The game is working alot better and is great hard to figher out some things in the game but eazy when u do it’s a good game to watch our just turn off and come back and have stuff waiting for u good graphics

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. I think you must have felt a lot of regrets as much as your love and interest were great. We will do our best to provide a better gaming environment by engraving your comments deeply into our hearts.

Menu items are very cluttered especially (bag). Need labels to see what things are (everything just has a picture and no idea what it does…need less on screen and more sub menus

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. Thanks for the comment! Based on these comments, we will always do our best to provide customers with convenient and smooth service! Hope you enjoy the game. Thank you.

Sorry for the trouble. Looks like my phone had some problem. I restarted it and the app is running again. Thanks for your response though.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. Thank you for your precious comment! We’ll send it to the department in charge and do our best to improve the game. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

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