Cat Snack Bar – Meet the adorable cats

[Game] Cat Snack Bar

Cat Snack BarThe Snack Bar has every food that animal customers want!

What does our cute customer want to have today?
Meet the adorable cats at the snack bar

Cute, lovely and adorable cat restaurant!
Welcome to our snack bar.

Step 1: Take orders from the guests.
Cat takes orders, cook, and serves food to the customers!
You sit back and relax. The perfect idle game just for you!

Step 2: Cook delicious food.
A fantastic animal restaurant that can cook any food
from soup, coffee, lemonade, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas and so much more!

Step 3: Animal guests will enjoy your amazing cuisine.
Once they are satisfied, they will leave you some tips!

Step 4: Expand the restaurant.
Start with a small cat cafe, then expand to an animal restaurant!
Show us your great management skills!

Become a restaurant tycoon, hire chefs, sell food and build the biggest restaurant empire in this restaurant simulator. You can become a millionaire by managing a restaurant.

Easy, stress-free Idle Tycoon Game
Cats run the snack bar even when you’re away! AFK!
Cats will play for you, even when you’re offline to sleep or work!
Amazing game for cat lovers. Butlers welcomed!

The perfect game for the following people:

Whoever loves cat games, animal games, cute games!
Whoever loves to cook food such as soup, coffee, lemonade and more!
Whoever loves to food tycoon, restaurant tycoon, lemonade tycoon… all tycoon games!
Whoever loves relaxing games, idle games, simulation games!
Whoever likes to play offline and idle games!
Whoever likes to play single player games and free games!

What would you like to eat?
Kitties purr with joy whenever they eat food from the snack bar.

Feel the relaxing vibe as you watch the cute cat at work!
Come join us

Cat Snack Bar user reviews :

Very cute and relaxing game, the characters are adorable and I quite enjoyed watching my tiny cats work. Would love to play more of it but it’s the type of game that has ads as part of the playstyle. You have to buy an upgrade for ad rewards with gems (that can be earned in game very slowly) which means that I spent my hard earned currency on a feature that just makes me lose time and takes from my enjoyment. It is also a mandatory upgrade if you wish to unlock more features/upgrades.

  • Hello [ Ana ]. We read your review carefully. We will forward what you said to the development team. And we will think about improvement. Thank you. Have a nice day

This is such the cutest idle game! The artwork, music, gameplay, overall design are all impeccable. I bought the new No Ads version to support the game. One suggestion is to be able to revisit the previous locations on the map. I’ve already finished all the levels and can’t wait for the future map expansions. Keep up the amazing work, developers!

I’m literally in love with this game! Usually I don’t keep games like this for long but I’ve had it for a few weeks and I’ve already completed it until there’s more updates. No downsides I can think of, besides the fact that sometimes it’s quite difficult to progress to the next restaurant because of how much it costs to level a certain dish. Also, if you keep an unpurchased menu open to purchase it as soon as you have the money, it stays greyed out unless you tap away and then back onto it.

  • Hello~[ TheChaosApex ] Thank you very much for your interest and good rating. We will continue to update better content and manage it steadily. Thank you very much, stay healthy and happy always

Adorable plump cats serving food in a variety of establishments! Allows you the freedom to choose how fast or slow you’d like to progress, and you watch ads only if you want bonuses. But they aren’t necessary to be successful in the game. I’ve already reached the max level atm, and am excited for new updates! Looking forward to a larger variety of dishes and spots around the world

  • Hello~ [ Katelyn Cheng ] Thank you for playing the game. New levels will be added soon. We will continue to update more fun content. Thank you! Have a nice day

Such an adorable, addicting little game! The art and simplicity of it all honestly is what keeps me coming back. It’s not difficult at all to rack up coins for upgrades, and their ads are completely optional and not at all in your face, making it smooth sailing for getting lost in the game if you so choose . 10/10, please keep up the good work!

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