Rent Please – How will you respond to their needs

[Game] Rent Please! – Landlord Sim

Rent PleaseAs a good landlord, how will you build your community?

Of course, It’s not an easy move.
The tenants’ demands are varied.
How will you respond to their needs?
Meeting their needs may bring you surprises!

Game Features:
Experience the Joy of Being a Wealthy Landlord
Feel tired of the reality? Try Rent Please!- Landlord Sim and create your dream community. You are a wealthy landlord who owns the whole community. Everything is under YOUR control.

Meet Various Tenants with Different Stories
You are not alone here among attractive tenants in the community. You are their landlord and also a friend. Communicate with tenants and share their life fragments. If you are willing to help, you can give your advice when they are in trouble.

Unlock Different Types of Room
Decidophobia? It’s not a thing here. You can unlock all of the rooms here. The single apartment/the couple apartment/the sea house, and more await you to unlock.

· Explore Two Maps with Distinctive Styles
Do you prefer a comfortable coastal town or a fashionable city with nightlife? Each map has its features and themes. You can experience a completely different lifestyle on different maps.

Design A Private House that Belongs to you
Everyone needs their own private space. So we have created dedicated private areas for our landlords—Independent gardens, spacious rooms, and decorating options that you can completely customize.

Rent Please user reviews :

Decent managment game. Get to build, or at least upgrade, facilities for different types of residents. Has some idle qualities which are nice but only building is behind a timer which is good. English translation is a bit dodgy, but can be funny at times. Bummed because my save data is lost after the app crashed. Data doesn’t get backed up to the cloud without a Facebook account. Also can’t start a new game as I get a network reminder error code 2.

I am honestly really entertained by this game! I love that you can choose to see ads or not! This game is really fun! You can choose the people to stay in your property, upgrade rooms and facilities, and unlock different areas aswell! This game isn’t boring in my opinion. The only thing I don’t like about this game is sometimes when I play the ads, the game doesn’t give me the reward.. but that is easily fixed! I am in love with this game! Really recommend

Better than what I have expected! I’ve decided to download and play this game due to the ads I’ve been seeing. Honestly,I expected the game to be a lot worse. However, the game was actually quite fun! The pacing at the beginning was great, it didn’t shove any pop up ads, the option to speed the time was a smart feature, I’ve been enjoying this game in an offline environment, the case of having the ads being optional for rewards was nice, the game is quite generous with rewards.

I haven’t had any major issues, any bugs or glitches have been fixed within the next update. There’s only 2 issues that I have: 1. The pet ratings in Mornington- I keep getting negative ratings from the pets even though I’ve fully upgraded everything. 2. I’ve reached level 43 and can’t progress any further. Other than those 2, no complaints. It’s a good time waster.

The game itself is addicting and a pretty fun way to kill time, but it KEEPS CRASHING! I’ve had games crash on me before for many reasons. But this one crashes way too often for me to get anything done, and it’s killing my motivation. It started when I built the second apartment building. It has been crashing ever since, especially within the first 20 seconds of me starting the game. I’ll keep trying because I really like this game, but I’m losing my patience.

Giving it 2 stars. It was fun to play if you like idle games.. The graphics are nice and it doesn’t lag or anything. My only issues with the game? You can’t bring your income from the previous location and it’s frustrating(suburb –> sleepless city).. You have to start from scratch (it’s like the game restarted but in different location) and the upgrade amount of the furniture got ridiculous too.. They should atleast bring half of the income. It’s not fun anymore.Uninstalling!

  • Dear Jelyn, actually you can redeem currency from your old city to the new city, tap the “+” button besides your money icon at the top of screen in Sleepless City, entering “Profiteer Bank” interface, then you can exchange currencies from one city to another, have a try please~ We will work harder and hope to get a 5* rating from our players~~

So I’ve been playing for a while now and the different cities have unique aspects of game play which is fun. The only problem is I’ve reached level 46 and can’t progress because I’ve run out of buildings to upgrade on the last available city. I thought the most recent update would fix that but no.

I love the game but there are things that should definitely be fixed like 1. I should be able to see every angle of every furniture. Each one can only be rotated one way and it gets hard when decorating. 2. I should be able to place things on the furniture, like juice or the chips. We should be able to move it just like we move the tenants. 3. A limit of 60 items is very unnecessary, ESPECIALLY at the beach house. What’s the point of getting a big house and u can’t decorate it properly

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