Cat War – The kingdom of cats is suffering

[Game] Cat War

Cat WarHello, there!

I’m a god of heaven called ‘Catphinx’, and sending you a letter for asking.
These days, the kingdom of cats is suffering from their mortal enemy, the republic of dogs.
Even the soul of dead cat couldn’t show up in heaven. They are hunted for forced labor, and their kittens are offering as a sacrifice to their god.
The kingdom of cats isn’t able to resist with enemy caused they lost kittens also had reached the limit. Sorry for their miserable condition which lost kitten.
Who else knows the winner from cats and dogs?
Before I become a god, I was a cat, but now as a deity, I can’t help them.
Can you help them for me?
Please. I’ll watch your back.
Comic war between cute cat and wicked dog. (The second war game series of WESTRIVER)
The most common pets, cats and dogs… Before the civilization of human the two of kingdom already established their own prior world. However, the more powerful Dogs world assaulted Cats world, finally had suffered the indignity situation that deprived of kittens.

Please save our kittens!!

The cat kingdom gathered soldiers to against dog kingdom.
Help with them and save their kittens from wicked dogs.

How to play
Train fishercats to gather fishpoint which is their resource.
Build barracks, workshop, and others to train combat units.
Upgrading building will increase their unit power.
Buy heroes and join them in battles
God spell will be unlocked depends on the game progress.
TIP. Cat War is a strategic combat game. Unit combinations, hero skills timming, use of god spell may change the game result.

Very Easy(Tutorial & Training), Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell 5 difficulty 100 stages
Simple and easy control by clicking and dragging
Various unit combinations, hero skills, spell of god
Cute and funny characters

* You can see a gameplay movie clip here.

Cat War user reviews :

Best Cat War game ever! Very Stratigic and tycoon style based is great with the cats! Love every concept added from being able to earn or purchase gems. Upgrading cats with gems. I’d love to see more levels and a lot more cats to play with! I recommend this to all my friends trust.

Fun tower defense game. I always love these games, requires some skillful thinking too. Plus, it’s got cats, I mean, who wouldn’t love this game? Looks great too, cute looking design which fits great for the game. Definately would recommend.

Feels like a ripoff but overall it’s nice cause i don’t have any other game and cmon its just fun,but they should add more things to feels kind of boring but 4 stars its ok..

It Was A Good Game. I Like It. I Like The Concept And The Story. Keep Up The Good Work. The Reason Why I Gave You 4 Stars, Is That Because The Map Is Too Short And It Cant Fit All The Buildings At Once. But Other Ways, Its Good.

This game is about cats trying to recover their lost family that was kidnapped. Have a vast amount of Warrior cats with different skills All lovable in their own way. Enjoying this game so far cleared the 1st section But it seems the game is only going to get harder.

I was playing this when it came out back then but I’ve been doing school so 7 to 4 year’s later I get the ad for this game and I was like WOW it’s that game i used to play back then but i love this game it reminds me of my childhood and thx

One of the if not the best free to play mobile game I’ve ever played. (It’s hard to top kingdom rush.)

i liked the game veey much i play this game from day to night thanks for this game but can you please add more cats and cats can build towers if you mind tnx

NEEDS UPDATE I just got addicted and then Samsung updated and I cant open the game. Give me my cute battle kitties back please!

this game is so great!! i used to play this when i was a child. this bring back so much memories.

Best cat game tower defense i hope you made a better smooth versions of cat war and keep it up

nice game i love it im lvl hell its so hard xD then i was mad the its bla bla bla hahaha Xd so what now i rate the game 5 star ok so why 500 letters need

I remember playing this game when I was like 5 or 4, best nostalgia game

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