Silent Camera – Silent shutter with a timer

[App] Silent Camera – Continuous shoot

Silent CameraYou can continuously shoot without the shutter sound.

№ 1 is chosen in the acquisition of a silent camera

Acquisition № 1 Silent Camera at Google Play for some of Country
Surpassed 20 million downloads!

Silent shutter with a timer!

“Hi-speed Continuous shooting” is a new appearance
several times faster than the continuous shooting of up to now!
Please experience!

Gif animation creation and high-speed continuous shooting has been added!

Scene can be used
Photos of children and pets.
Party camera.
Shooting sports

The main features
Silent shooting
Hi-speed Continuous shooting
Continuous shooting ON / OFF . This will continue shooting until you TAP Again.
Zoom shooting.
Exposure conversion.
Self timer.
Auto focus switching.
Blue is On, red is Off.
When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures after auto-focus .
If you want to take pictures in easy, you use with auto-focus function.
Function Off, When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures without auto-focus .
You can shoot faster than with auto-focus.
If you do not want to miss good shooting chance, use this function.
Auto focus by tapping the screen

Volume key
You can adjust the speed of continuous shooting.

Best Shot
after continuous shooting, you can choose to save the image.

Various settings page

Silent Camera user reviews :

All the features I’ve been looking for. You can adjust speed of burst photos (settings–>change “high speed continuous” to “continuous” –> “move continuous speed” to desired interval (far – is 10 seconds, middle is 5 seconds, 3/4 + is 2.5 seconds). 100% what I’ve been wanting to find. You can zoom and adjust resolution of front camera. “Flash” is flashlight rather than flashing for every picture — which I am fine with. Controls are mostly intuitive if you’ve ever used your phone’s camera.

It’s good quality and it takes good photo’s but sometimes it doesn’t load and when you leave the app then, your pictures are all gone and you gotta do it over. Please fix this

Well, this app is basically what I was looking for in a long time. I would like a bit more visually appealing graphics. Otherwise, it’s awesome.

Okay good app but we need to stop all of the ads, is there a paid version to stop the ads?

Can’t select camera at the back, and ads are another level.

It is not working in background mode. Picture quality is good.

I am looking for a camera app that allows me to operate the camera like one normally would like to do, and also like one would think normal – I mean, with access to (and control of) those few things that really matter to the image quality as an outcome – with first and foremost, the light sensitivity setting. After some 10 years of doing it right, suddenly the most basic controls are missing in the native camera app on my new Samsung (J5) ! I however regret Tacoty here shows only nonsense exemplary pics??

Gets the job done. Pixel quality isn’t as good as it can be. But still takes pics of nice clarity silently

So much nicer than the default camera that comes installed on the alcatel one touch fierce phone!

I love this app. I had it installed on Samsung galaxy s4 and took great pics. Now I have the J7 and when it downloads my pics it puts them all sideways I have to rotate every picture. Very annoying. And no I’m not holding my phone funny, im holding it right.

i’ve using this app on my lenovo s60 and the results is so amazing! i liked the detail of the picture i snaped.

Great app…until it no longer saves continous shoot when close app. Now have to manually save. Bring back auto save when close

The most sought after camera. Needs video recording features with display screen off mode.can it be possible.

Really only thing I use this for is when I need to take continual multiple pics at 1 time… it starts shooting at a single tap & doesn’t stop shooting until I tap it again… great for doing selfies or group shots you want to be included in, & gives you much time to have as many options of pics to choose from as you want.

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