Caterra – Dive into the furious battle royale

[Game] Caterra – RPG Battle Royale

Caterra Caterra is here to turn your action gaming experience topsy-turvy!

Get ready for the unique multiplayer battle action in this diverse and anticipated online 3D shooter: choose whether you want to dive into the furious battle royale or hunt down mighty monsters to become the best hunter! So, if you are looking for something fresh and innovative in the genres of battle royale games and survival simulators, world of Caterra is the perfect place to get an inimitable experience of ruthless fights and hunt madness!

Exciting PvP and PvE game modes:
Battle Royale
Hunt Mode
Zombie Mode
Team Fight 3×3, 2×2
Round Elimination

Game features:
Unique battle royale mechanics
17 cat heroes to unlock
Extensive upgrade system
Awesome skins
Seasonal Battle Pass

Caterra provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the world of battle cats, who can’t wait but to battle it meowt – either for fun, revenge or precious rewards. Caterra is a special multiplayer action game that does not focus exclusively on PvP battles or PvE survival: you get a unique 3D action shooter with both PvP battle royale mechanics and PvE hunt survival that challenges your ability to track and hunt down mighty enemies. And what is the most important – whatever you pick it will be a ton of fun to play anyway!

Multiple special feline characters are waiting for you to lead them into the brawl: win battles, progress the trophy road and open meowboxes to unlock even more of them! Each cat fighter has their unique ultimate abilities and sets of powers – level up your cat and make them even stronger with an extensive upgrade tree. Getting more power makes you winning more fights but what can be better than just winning? That’s right – winning in style: fun 3D designs and a rich collection of skins is here to help!

Intuitive controls and gameplay makes this battle royale really stand out – no need to learn, you start winning in this fun game right from the start! Variety of breathtaking PvP and PvE game modes and diverse 3D locations will always keep you entertained during your game session. It works especially well with friends, so team up and get into the brawl!

Download Caterra today and battle your way to the top!

Caterra user reviews :

Pretty fun but does need some adjusting. The damage you do vs NPCs is very unbalanced it feels. Atleast in the PVE mode. And it would be more enjoyable if you could pick the type of game you wanted to play instead of being forced into solo or duo. That being said the game is very fun and definitely cute. I’m enjoying it so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for it.

When the game works its a very good game, its my new favorite. Sometimes the game just doesn’t load the matches. It has a really good system, kind of similar to Brawlstar. Good gameplay with multiple modes but when you try to play, it sometimes doesn’t work. It still does this even after the 2 updates so far. Hopefully a future update will fix this. I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra so its not the phone.

  • Hello! Thank you for your review. The game is still in development, which means there are still some bugs. Please help us to improve the game by sending us your code in the game, the model of your device, and a more detailed description of the error to support[at] Thank you!

Pretty cool. The one handed control scheme is tight.I like that they focus on a variety of game modes. Hunt is fantastic, I almost missed it thinking it to only be pvp. The progression system isn’t good. If you can ignore it then it’s good fun. Overall it’s very strong. It will last years they can make to keep mixing things up

  • Hello Darrias! Thank you for finding the time to share your impressions of the game with us! Your support means a lot to us!

The gameplay is decent, quite smooth in matches, but i dont really like the aiming . Its like u MUST stop to start auto shooting, this means u HAVE to take dmg before shooting enemies. And also i saw a player with NO NAME with over 30k trophies in my leaderboard which is nonsense for a game that have just been released less than an hour ago!! And please add a report button and feedback button in-game.

  • Hello Ammar! Your feedback was duly noted and will be passed to the game designers for consideration. Our game is still very new, and all your comments help us create a better game experience for you. Regarding the player with 30 k of trophies – the game was available in several countries before today, so yes it’s possible case.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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