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[Game] Titan Slayer – Deckbuilding RPG

Titan Slayer We created a really fun Deckbuilding game by adding Dungeoncrawl elements to the role-playing card game. Create original combinations and enjoy both Singleplay and Multiplay.

Create a fun card deck [Deckbuilding]
Add skill cards possessed by characters to create a unique deck.
Depending on your choices, you could achieve the best synergy, or completely ruin the combination.
Collect characters from various occupations, including pirates, witches, nights, rogues, slayers, and crawlers.
We will consistently update the game with characters that have new and exciting skill cards, in order to bring our users a more varied and fun deck building experience.

Singleplay [Adventure & Dungeon Crawl]
You will create a inventive combination to prepare for your adventure to darkest Valhalla dungeon.
There are seven Titans blocking your adventure to the darkest Valhalla Dungeon.
In order to defeat these immensely powerful 7 Titans, you will need to recruit allies to create a strategic and inventive character combination, and increase its strength.
Become the main character of the story by gathering characters from various occupations such as pirates, witches, nights, rogues, slayers, and crawlers.

Multiplay [Survival, Card batttle]
You can meet other adventurers in the Spire of Judgment.
You can battle other adventurers instead of taking on the Titans.
You must figure out the various characteristics of the Titans, and create a character combination that counters them.
Live for as long as you can. Survival is a skill, and also the way to victory.

The Spire of night [Competitive Strategy]
There are no such things as useless characters or skills in the world of Titan Slayer.
Every time you enter the spire of the night, the curse of the witch of the dark night will haunt you.
In the spire of the night, you can experiment with characters that you don’t own.
As you climb the spire of the night, you have to select a character from each of the choices.
Luck is also important. Sometimes characters that don’t help appear.

Dungeon Crawl
Deck builder, Deck building
Card rpg, Trading card games

Titan Slayer user reviews :

Pretty solid, so far it seems as though it doesn’t take 30 tries to progress through levels, rewards seem plentiful, awesome graphics and really nice touch with the calming music it’s beautiful, simple play but keeps you wanting to come back

Great game! For anyone that is a fan of card combat then I urge you to try. Progression had not been a challenge at all, the rewards are quite abundent so you shouldn’t stall if you actually enjoy playing and put time into it. Overall boys A+

Excellent game, a number of different combat options to use. Start with the simpler cards and can then travel down different paths as you progress. Very enjoyable.

Art style reminds me of Darkest Dungeon. Should be able to get a decent amount of fun gameplay without spending money. Microtransactions don’t seem to be too greedy. Monthly pass is less than what I’ve seen in other games. Still in early game so not sure if game is pay2win or not. Again, if you’re just looking for an interesting easy campaign to play here and there this isn’t a bad choice.

  • Greetings. Roguelike strategy card RPG! It is a Titan Slayer. Thank you for enjoying our game and your precious review! We will strive to create a better game for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

So far I’m liking the experience, starting off in the game it’s fun and it’s seems to scale appropriately however it eventually leeds to unbalanced monsters where you are forced to buy packs to get a chance to win. The art is fun and the pvp is good to.

The game is good. No story. Poor gacha percentage. I only got one 5-star out of more than 50 chests that can give 5-star hero but very generous in giving out cheap chests and 5-star heroes if you watch ads with randomized hero selections. It’s not a P2W game. Some people here said that after lvl 55 uninstall the game. I got to lvl 132 and even got in the rankings w/o spending any real money. Overall… 7/10 for me. For a gamer like me with 300+ rpg games finished… It’s a decent game. Try it.

The sprites and background are very well done in both regards to sharpness and ease of action with no jitters.. so far. With a varying list of characters and possible team compositions there’s such a depth to tackling each one of the scenarios presented. To be quite honest. There’s so many levels it seems a little daunting at first. The client side overlay is so easy to use. I look forward to seeing this game further. Thank you devs!

  • Greetings. Roguelike strategy card RPG! It is a Titan Slayer. Thank you for enjoying our game and your precious review! We will strive to create a better game for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

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