The Dark Book – Immerse yourself in the lands of Morghoth

[Game] The Dark Book

The Dark BookThe Dark Book : Immerse yourself in the lands of Morghoth in this dark fantasy adventure, a game that any role-playing enthusiast has to try at least once!


Welcome to Morghoth a dark land where souls have awakened in the heart of Darkness by the fault of a book, The Dark Book! You’ll start your journey to a remote city, meet many friends and enemies along your way that will make you find out what happened and who and who is responsible for these dark events.


Variety of enemies, places, weapons and magics
An exciting story that will offer you several hours of play
Joystick, keyboard and mouse support
Typical old school hack and slash (no need for WiFi)
Saving cloud (Requires Google play games)
Camera, map and customizable graphics
Hack and Slash old style
Available on Android TV
Multilingual: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian


Optional in-app purchases:
Magic Shield on Ridden Town
Soul Sword on Vivek Town
Magic Armor on Mysting Town
Magic Bull Helmet on Mysting Town
Devouring Sword on Solaris Town
Ring HP-MP on Black Castle
Skeleton Gold on Black Castle
Hammer Infinity

The Dark Book is an action RPG hack-and-slash inspired by the classic old school like role playing games years 90. Play as a warrior skeleton, through hordes of enemies, and you will gain experience points to become an ever stronger warrior against your enemies. A wide variety of quests (where you will receive rewards such as gems and gold) eliminates, various enemies and bosses you’ll retrieve specific items that you’ll be useful during your journey to find the dark book.

The game and continues to develop and will be upgraded for free.

The Dark Book user reviews :

So far so good. I am really enjoying this game. Exactly what I was looking for. One question, at the beginning of the game, my character was moving fast, now is slow. Is there a way to speed up again? I want to thank you for the quick reply! I thought it would be something simple that I missed. Really like the game. I’ve only been playing for a little while, and have not had any issues with quests. I will be playing for a long time.
  • Michele Salvatore BunettoApril 29, 2019
  • yes, you have to sell some useless objects to lighten the character, in the lower right corner of the inventory you will find a bar, when it is red and means that you have too much weight and the character walks, when he returns to blue you can run again.

great game play. pretty addictive. a bit sophomoric. not much character development or interaction with other characters and you can only have one character to play with at a time. worked real well with no bugs or glitches. great weapons, stores, and magic interface. all and all entertaining.

awesome game but please work on the leveling up aspect of the game, it seems to get hard all of a sudden when getting to the 2nd town, the defence leveling up is almost impossible for the fact of having to kill 20 to 30 monsters to just get 3 level up points. Armor is another thing that could be improved. A open rpg with mineing, smithing, enchanting, ext.. is a game the community is searching for.

Really enjoyed this. I bought the upgraded weapons in game to support both my quest and the developer. The play is really smooth and unlike most RPGs there’s no grinding! Seriously, I appreciate that so much. The whole thing feels like it was created with care by people who love this game genre. Thank you.

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