Chess Adventure for Kids – Embark on quests to learn chess

[Game] Chess Adventure for Kids

Chess Adventure for Kids

  Chess Adventure for Kids is a fun, safe, and educational world where kids can play chess against fun fantasy bosses and against other kids!
Embark on quests to learn chess, defeat the main boss, and gather the loot. You can also practice puzzles or compete in puzzle duels. It’s the classical game of chess, but wrapped in a magical world that kids will love. So, come on in, create and customize your character, and join the fun!

Chess Adventure for Kids user reviews :

This attempt to combine chess with a dungeoun crawler RPG is a complete flop. They are teaching chess in the wrong way and moves are complete failures if you don’t do it properly. For example you have to checkmate using a rook and a rook only, not a queen. This is a fixed way of playing the game and it needs to be stopped
  • Thanks for the feedback, we’re working hard to improve! If you try Quest 2 (Dark Woods) you’ll be able to see many different types of checkmates in lesson 5, including Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, checkmates etc. And if you have other feedback we’d love to hear it at support[at]!

Extremely disappointing! I don’t see how my 6 year old could enjoy this. Chesskid fails again to provide a website or app that is fun and engaging to the Pre-K and Kindergarten demographic.

Love this so far, will be using with my chess club at school. They like other rpg like educative platform, thanks.

Learning while having fun? I never knew it was possible! My little sisters will surely love this app. :) Awesome app!

I downloaded this app for my kid but I ended up playing it! Puzzles are fun and I learned few new tricks. I would recommend it!

Great chess app aimed at teaching kids the game

Great app! I cannot wait to have my students download and play this.

The game is really good but their is a bug and I really hate it because even if I win I’m still at the same level so you need to fix it
  • Hi Dave, thank you for the feedback. Could you offer more details? please email us at support[at]

Learn while having fun in chess is the best thing I have ever seen

Good game so far. My lil sis and I love it, but there’s a bug (it’s really a bug, right?) that we currently having that when we play the puzzle, after we hit Next, it didn’t show new ones but repeat the one we just solved over and over.

App doesn’t recognize my ChessKid account. Whether I type in or copy and paste, it says it’s wrong. This is the account used daily by my son.

can’t go home when in puzzle too much over and over puzzle in puzzle other parts of the game is good I’m stuck in puzzle because I can’t go home

Teaches chess via a path and has puzzles and online play.

Last Update :

Usability improvements and login bug fix for users with existing ChessKid accounts.

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