Chocolate Factory – The magic factory where dreams are made

[Game] Chocolate Factory – Idle

Chocolate FactoryEver wanted to run your very own chocolate factory!

The magic factory where dreams are made! The happiest place from childhood! Go for it today!

Expand production line! Melt, Modeling, Toppings and much more!
Hire a variety of faculties. Everyone here can be your helper!
Unlock more working areas and buildings! Become the chocolate empire!
Maximum your revenue! It’s never easy! Try your business talent here!

Can you make the world’s most delicious chocolate?

Chocolate Factory user reviews :

Way too many ads. They interrupt gameplay all the time. At first there’s not that many but aa you continue to play they start showing up more frequently. Everything I claim a reward or something and I click the regular reward because I don’t want to watch an ad I’m still forced to watch an ad. Absolutely ridiculous.

The game was great when I played it, it had everything you’d expect in an idle game. But I have a problem where the UI wont show and because of that I can’t play the game. I contacted the support email and after a week and a half of no response I’ve given up. Poor support for a bad bug that renders the game unplayable.

Like the game. But, the adverts don’t give rewards for watching them. For when the golden investor cars appears. No rewards from the adverts for clicking on them. Watched many adverts and received no rewards. Advert stalls on the advert and doesn’t ever finish with the countdown timer.

Got to speed up cacoa picker and send him to the fork lift. After that it moved to some conveyors without anything else. No prompts, or anything responding to touch. Funny part is, it didnt change when i deleted the cache and data after uninstalling and reinstalling. It went right back the the same conveyors.

You are punished for upgrading by having to watch ads. You can’t keep up without upgrading constantly. Between the ads you have to watch after the last upgrade. I get there’s revenue needed, but the end product isn’t that unique

I would probably like this game but I can’t even really play it. Most of the time all of the icons are gone and I can’t even move the screen. Then it will randomly start working for a minute then everything disappears again.

Moderate satisfaction The game is great and the rating would be at 5 but the only.problem I’m running into is that when you try to upgrade your factory’s the display disappears and you can’t see.or do anything unless you continually tap where the close button is.

I like this game. Down there he or she say many ads. Try to offline to no ads to you. And other no response your phone have problem only. So do not angry. If you make a game its not easy its hard. And your going to bad. If log its o.k to me so who make this i like this game

Game seems to be glitching. When I go to upgrade the milk chocolate factory area screen kinda like freezes and all the buttons to upgrade goes away.

Interesting thus far however the game interface/menus constantly vanish making it difficult to both navigate any upgrade menus or scroll around the environment

Has potential but the ui keeps disappearing and it doesn’t necessarily freeze but it like freezes me on a spot for a couple of seconds

Not really fun. Game locks up as soon as I open it. I look at an ad, the game still locks up.

Would be better if it wasn’t so video repetitive plus in a true Idle game you make in game currency even when off the game for hrs to days as zero people act live on a cellphone app game.

I like the game but please can you make a macadamia nuts factory tycoon thank you

There is a issue when I try to click on the screen nothing is popping up but everything is moving

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