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Stress impact.
Under the influence of stress, we often lose control of ourselves and the situations we are dealing with. 25% of people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. 40% of countries have no public mental health policies.

Norbu: Meditation Breathe Yoga app trains your stress-management skills.
It had been scientifically proven that stress negatively affects the immune system. Norbu proposes Mindfulness Based Stress Control (MBSC) technique. This method helps handle stress and strengthen immunity in a short and effective way and develop the skill of active stress management. The training methodology has been compiled and based on research in the PubMed scientific base.

The Gratitude Timer.

Evolutionarily, humans are better at remembering life-threatening negative events in order to avoid them in the future.
Pleasant events do not affect survival and therefore are not as well remembered.

Because of this evolutionary mechanism, humans may have the impression that life consists mostly of negative events.

However, this can be corrected. Just start writing down all the good events during the day to see that life provides a lot of positive emotions.

The Gratitude Timer will help you look at your life in a new way.
Every time you hear the timer, think of any pleasant event. It could be a delicious morning coffee, you got a good night’s sleep, or you met a friend.
Write down and thank yourself for that event.

Instant meditation is needed to bring you back to reality. To begin, set the Timer and answer these questions each time you hear the sound of a gong:
Awareness of place.
Where are you now? Look at the walls, the furniture, look out the window. What’s the weather like? What am I sitting on?
Awareness of body needs.
Do I want to eat now? Do I want to move and stretch? Am I tired and I want to rest?
Awareness of thoughts.
Am I now thinking about what I had originally planned?

This way of coming back to reality seems artificial at first, but over time you learn to better listen to your real needs and notice them at the right time. This will help you develop mindfulness, better sleep and happiness!

Anxiety relief games, abdominal breathing exercises and guided meditations help to develop stress-control habits. “5-days unlock Premium for free” feature makes these premium exercises available for those who really need them for free.

It’s a right choice for anyone who’s aware of the importance of mental self-care or is searching for a perfect state of mind and better physical condition.

Norbu app has guided meditations and antistress trainings. The exercises are very simple and safe. You can meditate and use the parasympathetic breathing with a guide or in silence.

Digital wellbeing
Self-development is the purpose of the antistress Challenge. During the course of a month, you’ll learn to manage stress more effectively. Play calming games, breathe and meditate – each day for 8-10 minutes. After just a few days you’ll start to better understand and manage your emotions. So, you’ll feel more confident and calm in stressful situations.

We want to be surrounded by mindful and relaxed people without the stress and this is our goal!

Norbu Team

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Norbu user reviews :

This app is really awesome. Simple and very effective. I was REALLY surprised. It worked! I tried different apps before I should say, but this one is definitely one of the best. Nothing redundant, pleasant design. Just one thing to fix — I meditated 10 minutes and I found silent gaps between music replays a bit disturbing. Please fix it if you have time. And big thanks for the great job.

  • Thank you for feedback, Tatjana! We are glad you like our app :) We will pay attention to this moment, try to fix it. Stay with us!

Really like using the app, BUT after using the “energy breathing” feature i needed a nap soon after, later on i seen an advert for headspace (on your app, ironically) that showed their sleep time breathing is the exact same method as your energy breathing (inhale, hold, exhale, hold), seems you made a mistake with that. Be good if you research more into energizing breathing methods (if any exist) as it would be very useful

  • Thank you for your detailed description. Energetic breathing aims to activate the sympathetic system and has a ‘square’ pattern. Parasympathetic breathing, on the other hand, for relaxation, involves only an empty pause after exhalation! alex[at]

Loved it instantly. One of those rare games where there’s no pressure, no timer,just amazing. I’m not instantly and insanely relaxed, but this game has immensely helped me out of the sudden and constant stressing and random panic attacks from just the tiny stimuli of stress.Thank you to developer,this app is very helpful

  • Thanks for your feedback! We are glad that the app is useful and that you like it!

This has helped me manage anxiety, sleep better, lowered my BP. As a mental health therapist, I encourage clients working through trauma, chronic pain, and anxiety to use this app. The clients who choose to use it daily report decreased pain, anxiety, improved sleep, and appear to move through their trauma therapy a more quickly especially clients with whom I’m approaching their therapy infusing more neuroscience than TI-CBT or TF-CBT.

  • We are thrilled to hear how Norbu has positively impacted your life and the lives of your clients. Your endorsement as a mental health therapist is invaluable, and we’re honored to be a part of your clients’ healing journeys. Your feedback reinforces our commitment to infusing neuroscience principles into our app’s features. alex[at]

This app helped me and I don’t see one reason people shouldn’t atleast try it. I went t a youth mental health clinic and they were showing me apps that would be better suited for kids with autism. This app is paid but you can use it free of you are truly going to use it which is such a good thing for people like me that need the help but don’t have cash for help.

  • Dear User, thank you very much for sharing your valuable & useful feedback. If you have other feedback or suggestions, please write to us at help[at] We would love to hear from you!

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