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[Game] Aircraft Evolution

Aircraft EvolutionFight through 4 time periods, from the era of the First World War to futuristic battles.
Level up and evolve your aircraft from a wooden plane to a fighter of the future.
Then, refine it by increasing its armor, fuel, speed, firepower and much more.
Choose from a large selection of aircraft. You upgrade as you go, but you can still try to take on a tank armed with plasma cannons using just a wooden plane!

40 different missions are waiting for you. You will be given different objectives; destroy an enemy base, deal with waves of attacking fighters, boss fights and much more.
In preparation for battles, you can buy increasingly dangerous bombs. Demolish the enemy with standard bombs, a barrage of cluster bombs, or burn enemies to ashes with napalm.
Bomb the enemy. Turn their bases into smoldering ruins and the battlefield into a scorched desert.
Bombs and explosions! More bombs and explosions!!!

Buy yourself a military plane and fly into an air battle!


Fun airplane game with different levels, easy and hard, short and long missions.
Realistic PC-level graphics, detailed aircraft, military equipment and beautiful landscapes.
Beautiful juicy explosions, rough landings, fires, modern graphics, shooting, amazing special effects and fun in Airplane Shooting Game Airplane Evolution!

A game about aircraft with military equipment and beautiful graphics for the passage of the campaign:
Complete 4 eras – World War I, World War II, modern conflicts and futuristic war of the future.
Explore the level map, pick up loot. By looting you get bombs, napalm, cluster bombs, repairs and fuel.
A variety of locations: forest, arctic, desert, tropics – all with careful rendering and a unique atmosphere.
Various missions! Destruction of the enemy, race against time, fights high in the sky, battles with tanks and of course strong and difficult bosses!

In the arcade action Planes Evolution, you will find an air battle with many opponents, pumping and upgrading aircraft, buying aircraft from different eras!
Fly a war plane in Airplanes Evolution free game – arcade plane and tank shooter, beautiful and addictive action game.
Choose weapons, buy new planes, buy different types of bombs, become stronger!

Pumping planes
Campaign game
Excellent graphics
Time eras
Offline mode, play without internet.

Aircraft Evolution user reviews :

Great game, wish there was more content. Endless mode is boring compares to missions, especially boss fights. Also there’s something wrong with double bomb calculations. It takes way more exp to level, does a lot less dmg than single and exp gain is also lower than single. No point grinding it.

I love this game so much, after beating the main campaign theres endless modes to get new coins for better planes. For some reason (not blaming the game) it glitched and deleted some of my progress, other than that i loved it

it’s very entertaining and unexpected I expected everything to be behind a pay wall but there’s actually a lot of freedom. Great and fun game makes me feel like the actual pilot.

Great game, controls are good but just one problem, in the turning it gets a bit annoying while it flips, but, at the same time it’s challenging and fun trying to control the turning.

Game is decent. However it’s buggy, and there is no way to finish level 18, mission is to kill all enemies, but new planes keep spawning even if you destroy everything.

Getting better with each update! Otherwise really great already! I like that I’m able to buy planes an upgrade, so far, just by playing the game. No credit cards involved! I beat the game now, there’s only 1 set of missions. All very fun and I like that you go through the tech tree through time, but needs more. ;) Maybe add a reversed defense set of missions where we unlock ground forces and try to shoot down incoming planes. Otherwise the destroy all enemies and buildings is a fun time!

The idea is there, but the execution is lacking. Almost every review says this, the game is full of bugs and such. You think it can’t be that bad, and then in the first level you see enemies leaving the map. Hitting a plane causes damage, but hitting buildings or ground units doesn’t, you’ll fly straight through them, and it will kill the ground units instantly. Oh and maybe don’t put infinitely respawning planes in a kill all units mission, (lvl18 for example)

The game is pretty nice but for some reason there is just no sound idk if this is a bug for me only but that just dosent work other than that great game nixe visuals and fun gameplay, Keep it up!

The game is pretty well. But after I arrive at level 22, it’s condition gets worse. Amount of money changes without buying anything. Though I have required level and money, I can’t buy any new aircraft. When I try to buy, it shows “You don’t have enough finances.” I hope that the developers will observe it and will try to fix the problem soon.

  • Hello! The bug has been fixed. The game displayed the wrong amount of money. Thanks for reporting the bug. Please update the game. Have a nice game!

Fun concept just balance is god awful fully still tales 10 normal bombs to kill 1 building also I feel like the fire rate upgrades for bombs are better as a plane upgrade because the rate of bombs dropped feels as if it is limited by the plane not the bomb it self but other than that no real complaints other than bomb research speed

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