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SkyloreJoin the new action MMORPG Skylore – an exciting role-playing game full of magic, adventure, and a cozy atmosphere!

Skylore has everything that players love in a fantasy action MMORPG game with an open world: flexible character and equipment development systems to create unique heroes, thrilling storyline and quests, an intricate game world, PvP, PvE and PvPvE real-time multiplayer battles – in the open world as well as in special modes – boss battles, chatting with players from all over the world, beautiful graphics, and so much more.

The age of astonishing discoveries and momentous battles awaits. Become a true hero and brave explorer, and embark on a thrilling journey on the edge of two vast worlds, Arinar and Skylore!

Try out different classes, level up, and experiment with Talents, Abilities and Equipment to make your own very special hero!
6 playable races – various appearances to choose from.
5 classes with different fighting mechanics – Guardian, Shadow, Hunter, Mage, and Alchemist.
Flexible character development system – 150+ talents for each class, skill sets for different play styles.
System for upgrading the equipment to create an ideal gear set.
Leveling up to the 34th level – without auto-battle and auto-questing – progress and victory depend only on your actions.

Prove your Mastery in multiplayer fights!
Dungeons – a group PvE mode with tactical fights against monsters in constantly changing locations.
Gorgor Contracts – a dynamic PvE mode to battle waves of monsters in specific locations.
Arena 3×3 – a team PvP mode in Tower Defense, Knockout or Headhunting formats with Leagues and Ratings.
Battlefield – a PvP mode in Battle Royale format.
Adamantine Grotto – a PvPvE location with quests and fights against monsters and other players at the same time.
Guild Wars – GvG events to battle other players in open-world locations.

Play together with friends and other players – have much more fun and get more of the game content!
Join a guild or create your own – run guild errands, go on raids against powerful bosses and participate in the Guild Wars.
Form a group of 4 to play with allies.
Use matchmaking in special modes if you want to play with random players.
Chats and friend lists – talk with players from all over the world.

The constantly expanding worlds of Arinar and Skylore, so bright and detailed!
Authentic story with 50+ storylines and 140+ additional quests, 200+ daily quests and 6 dynamically changing zones.
Two different storylines linked to the various races. Complete them both to understand the whole plot!
Twelve large territories and 70+ locations.
Astonishing graphics, animation, effects, sounds and music.


Skylore is an open-world MMORPG online that takes all the best from your favourite game genres such as online RPG, 2D / pseudo 3D MMORPG, adventure and in general cooperative games that you can play with your friends!

If you experience any technical issues, please contact us at info[at]

Please note: Skylore is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Also, under our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to download or play Skylore.

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Skylore user reviews :

Controls are absolutely horrible but it does give the feel your actually playing a game with auto path but I would suggest just adding basic attack to auto or something like that because I’ve almost died a couple of times trying to tap on the monster to attack it just awkward controls I guess and add a dpad control would make this 100 times better instead of just tapping

  • ​Hello! Tap controls are the most convenient for isometric graphics, but you can also control your character without lifting​ your finger off the screen, almost like with a joystick.

So far awesome. There is only auto-movement to the next quest waypoint, otherwise you play. Gear changes your appearance, so far a lot of quests, nice graphics, interesting leveling. We’ll see further up in the game, but so far it is really good.

  • Thank you for sharing you opinion!

I really enjoy it!!! Very basic rpg, but that’s what I am wanting at the time. It’s not like these cookie cutter Chinese 100 red dots leading you to diff menus for upgrades and total auto path and auto combat etc… much slower but super colorful and cute! I am enjoying the game! My only complaint so far is a bank space, or stash box like most mmorpg. Seems devs want you to spend gems aka money on inventory space slots vs free bank chest and pay for inventory spaces. Sort of a predatory way.

Best mmorpg so far. Dungeon and arena mechanics are superb as it should be. Appearance changes as we change gears. 1 flaw tho, as a tank user I find the taunt skill pretty annoying. It doesn’t affect boss ffs!!! And no threat generator. Please change the taunt mechanic

  • Thank you for your feedback! It might happen because your taunt is weaker than someone else’s. Keep leveling up!

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