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City SmashWelcome to the ultimate city sandbox destruction simulator!

A Vast Arsenal of Destruction: Arm yourself with an awe-inspiring array of weapons that range from conventional explosives like rockets and C4 to sci-fi wonders like orbital lasers and black holes. Unleash mayhem with giant gorillas, fire breathing kaijus, tripods, and Lovecraftian tentacles from space!

Interactive Environments: Watch as your destruction ripples through the buildings and streets, affecting everything in its path. Cars, trucks, and buses become part of the chaos as they’re swept up in your destructive wake.

Explore Diverse Cityscapes: Choose from a range of detailed city settings, each with its own unique charm and challenges. Want to level a futuristic cyberpunk city or obliterate a tranquil coastal town? The choice is yours!

Natural Disasters: Trigger natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and tsunamis. The power is in your hands!

Limitless Possibilities: City Smash is not just a game; it’s a sandbox where your imagination knows no bounds. Create your unique scenarios, experiment with different weapons, and see how the world crumbles under your rule.

Satisfy Your Destructive Desires: Are you ready to become the ultimate destructor? Whether you’re in it for the simulation experience, the thrill of destruction, or the creative sandbox gameplay, City Smash has it all!

Download City Smash now and experience the most realistic and satisfying destruction simulation game on mobile. Destroy, craft, and dominate your sandbox world today!

City Smash user reviews :

Fun for what it is. A simple physics playground. The achievements are perfect goals to have as much fun as the game can provide. No cloud saves but I did get all the achievements that are obtainable. For some reason there are some achievements in Google play that are not in the game so they’re impossible to get.

The city is too small. I wish there was a way you could swipe or zoom in and out to see a bigger part of the city but anyways the gameplay and controls are amazing. But add more cities please.

Great game. Felt better after I couldn’t play (city smash 2. Bug issues). But hey the world ain’t perfect.Right? Forget about it. This version is almost as good,so keep up the excellent work,Hal.

The games is good I like it I want the next update to have everytime a player spawns a monster there’s gonna be rockets and bullet firing at the monster it would have more destruction if that’s possible and there’s gonna be a chance not impossible one of the bullets or rockets hits a building if that’s possible

I absolutely love this game, along with solar smash and room smash. I do, however, have a few requests. I would love if you could deform the ground with different weapons, like the nuke leaving a crater, and I would also like the water in the bridge map to interact more with debris. Like, there’s pretty much no splash, I’d love to see small waves from stuff falling into it. Finally, I think an option to change the time of day would add to the sandbox feeling of the game.

This is a very direct, no fuss, no muss game. I mean that as a positive. I like that I click on the icon, hey here’s the game! Very easy to figure out, very satisfying animations and sounds. I want to “remove ads” but when I tap on it, nothing happens. The ads come up every third city reset & that’s a very non-invasive way to do it. There is so much potential here, please keep adding methods of destruction. Maybe a bird’s eye view replay or something.

This game is great! It’s very fun, has good graphics, and it’s very addicting. But, the ads ruin the whole game. In 1 minute, 5-6 ads shows up. Here are some suggestions that would really make the game better: 1. Bigger and more cities. The cities are quite small and you can only choose from four of them. 2. A day or night feature, it looks very dull when you can only play in daytime mode but I do like that you can change the weather and background. 3. It would be really great if you can control the range, width, intensity, etc of a disaster or whatever you call them. For example, using the earthquake ruins the entire city in just one click so I recommend adding these features. 4.Adjustable camera. An adjustable camera would be very great because it allows you to zoom in, zoom out or turn to see what’s happening in the city. 5. More backgrounds. You can only choose from three of them so adding more or even adding an option to add a background from your gallery would be awesome. 6. Better graphics. The game’s graphics is totally awesome and not like any other. But the graphics does lose its quality sometimes, especially when a disaster comes. Hope you read this review

I love this game so much! Its such a good game to play that time flies so fast! Bored or not you could still have fun playing this game. Although i would suggest some of these things to be added in the near future to make the game even better, slow motion, differentiate the reset and change map button, better building physics, proportionate vehicles, disable vehicles, create your own map, and more destruction options.

This is the best destruction game I’ve ever played. There are so many weapons, and all of them are available immediately. No need to pay for extra weapons. The physics and graphics are really good for a simple game, and there is only one ad every 4 or so times you reset the city. I have not seen a game do a better job at where they place the ads, and there are absolutely NO banner ads. It’s crazy, I recommend this 100%, amazing job.

It’s a great game. Honestly, i am a little intrigued on smashing things for it is so satisfying especially in a large scale. The only matter for me is, i would want the graphics of the debris to be a little more detailed, as if it was a real, physical debris. And it would be more amazing to have a panoramic 3D view, at least of the smash site, because i kinda notice there is a loop going on, especially the debris on the ground. But it was fun. I loved it. Keep up the good work

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