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Used Car Dealer TycoonWelcome to Used Car Dealer, in which you’ll be running a used car business from the scratch.

Keeping your used car business in operation means taking every step to ensure that you’re an honest dealer.

How to play:

Acquire more vehicle inventory from used-car sellers.

Hire assistants and salespeople to help talk with customers.

Train your salesperson to assist customers and ask questions about what the customer needs.

Calculate a “bottom dollar” for each of your used vehicles.

Unlock various models of used cars and make more money.

Used Car Dealer Tycoon user reviews :

Very good idle game, designed nicely to simulate the operations of a dealership. I like the inflow and outflow of cars, unlocking cat types and specific models, and especially bidding on special cars. However, one real failing that costs it a star is that it is missing the constant tapping or hold-to-tap that a lot of other idle games have. There should be a way to constantly tap the exact same places, or hold a finger in the same place, in order to generate instant revenue.

Only been playing an hour, but so far, the progress is quick, the introduction of new elements is at a nice pace, easy to understand. Most idle tycoon games feel like carbon copies but this seems to have a bit more strategy to the upgrading. Watching the ads are worth the rewards if you use them wisely(If your lot is full, don’t watch the auto-fill ad.) I’m excited to see what’s next. Fun game!

The removal of the ads is a necessity or you will go crazy watching 30sec ads after you do every little thing. The price seems high, but when the ads are disabled you can earn the perks without watching the ads. It was a fun game, but completed it in a little under 4 days, just playing it casually.. nothing left to buy / upgrade, have 14.5 trillion dollars and counting.. currently earning 27.8 billion/min.. seems a touch extreme. Hopefully the game is extended some how.

Fun game but.. Lots of ads. They’re the easiest/quickest way to advance. Not only that, but as are also unavoidable if you want to advance (seeing as you MUST watch an add to upgrade your lots, no option to avoid it). The game is short. It took me just less than two days to beat the game. Develop more levels, remove mandatory ads and I’ll play more.

My honest review: Pros: Good looking game, gameplay is generally intuitive, best ad/reward ratio for free game. Cons: Game mechanics, weird money transactions, repetitive. Despite some good stuff, overall the game becomes repetitive and ultimately boring. The beginning is when I had the most fun but then a few hours in you realise there isn’t much in the game. It’s all about upgrading your lot and that’s it. Plus the transactions are weird. Selling a pickup for $100million +… Weird

The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but when you go to purchase “day skips” the math is all wrong. Says I’ll get 100B for a day skip when I’m making 7B/min, and 600B for a 7-day skip? Wanted to move ahead with renovations, but it’s easier to turn off my phone for an hour and get way more money than using the skip option. Is still a fun game though!

Fun game. I like the option to pay one fee to remove all ads. I think is something all android games should have. Definitely work on adding more content though. It’s possible to max out everything in a couple days. Maybe adding expansions for more parking for each area and more buyers to bring in cars faster. Or addition types of vehicles, like boats and RVs and planes and stuff. I enjoyed the game, but wish there was more to play to keep going.

No depth at all. I played until I had prestiged all lots once, it took me about 2 days (tho I did watch quite a few ads). I was hoping for new upgrades to be unlocked once I reached this point, or at least to be able to further upgrade customer or acquisition speed, but there was nothing. When offline, I would only receive 30 minutes of earnings (based on my cash per minute) instead of the stated 2 hours. Fun for free, functions ok I guess, but DON’T spend money on this game – it’s not worth it.

I started playing this game a few weeks ago. At first it was engaging, building new car yards, unlocking new models. Even the many ‘watch ad’ features that help with extra cash/rewards was kind of ok. Now I’ve built all but two of the car lots to their maximum, side line businesses are maxed, there doesn’t seem to be any further engagement past this and the game is now more of a chore than a game. It was fun while it lasted though.

Love the game. Just wish they would add more lot’s. Do maybe a hyper car lot or motorcycle. Or at least add more levels to upgrade. I beat it in less than a week and there’s literally nothing I can do except collect money in which I cannot use. Be nice to see some more add ons for lots or upgrades. Overall though, it’s a great game and a good concept.

It’s been roughly 24 hours since I installed and currency is about to lose all meaning since I’ll have completed all upgrades. Grinding this game is just 95% ad watching for stupidly OP rewards. Card system is pointless. By the time you get enough to make a difference you’ll have gone through all upgrades. 2nd currency is easy to come by, use for side buildings instead of cards for beaucoup bucks. Good for audiobook and gaming. I watched netflix and played too no problems. Decent idler.

This is the right way to monitise your game. They built a fun game where the ads are optional. Then they offered a one time fee of $5 to remove the ads. Basically you get to choose between a free game i or a paid one. Plus the game is really well done. Reminds me of Adventure Capitalist in the way it can suck you in and consume an entire commute.

Finished all levels in under 48 hours. They take away ALL bonus ads when you get near the endgame so you have to grind out the last few levels. Disappointed in that aspect. They bombard you with ads to get you to the end, then strip them all away. Super easy, click to upgrade game. Not really worth the time to play it since it can be defeated in two days without spending a dime.

It’s a good time killing game. There isn’t much to do on the game once you’ve opened all the lots. I guess you can uninstall and reinstall to play it again For people who dont like ads it only costs $5 to not see anymore adds. Thats not bad if you’ve ever spent money at an arcade or any other ame that charges $100 for absolutely nothing. Sad part is the game won’t let me renovate any of the lots, so I’ve gone as far as it will let me go now.

Brilliant! Easy to use and easy to learn! I already have all the cars and lots and all upgraded to 8x No forced ad’s, you can have the ad’s removed but clicking on the ad’s will help with progress. Highly recommended. I’m already in top three on the “Forbes” list. Now I’m just trying to get to the number one spot and also max out on the cards.

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