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Space ColonizersTravelling and exploring in the vast universe, your spaceship approaches a new galaxy… All planets are destroyed here and aliens are all homeless and helpless. What happened?! You really want to do something for the aliens. You have landed and made short stays on many planets. Now you decide to stay here to build planets for the aliens!

This is a simulation and strategy game with the theme of space construction. Your spaceship arrives in a galaxy, but all planets here are destroyed because of an explosion. Your main mission is to re-construct home for the aliens on the ruins/cores. To build planets, you need to collect matters, unlock environments and seek microbiology. The more resources you collect and level up, the more planets will be constructed. There is no doubt that the aliens will help you to build the planets together. You can also accelerate the speed of construction with the help of space station. Do not forget to explore with a spaceship to get more fuels for the space station!

Game Features:
Idle and easy gameplay. Resources can be collected when you are offline.
A way to know the essential resources for life.
Unlock numerous alien cards and accelerate construction speed.
A space station to speed up the process of building.
A mining feature to get more resources and upgrade your spaceship.

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Space Colonizers user reviews :

Game is really fun! Unfortunately my app closed during tutorial of space and how to transport goods (right before using gems to speed up). Now when I open game it only shows the plant and won’t let me do anything. Hoping this can be fixed. Waited some time and was able to log back in and play again.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will check this.

Interesting take on the genre. Kinda sparse but I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s still being developed. Definitely needs some qol upgrades, but otherwise seems to work very well. I’m sending a feedback email shortly with my list of needed changes

Well others are right about it being short and repetitive. Current top level is 81 but as long as I can recall every level had the same exact missions. Neat game but lacking so much.

  • Thank you for your feedback, hope you enjoy it.

It eventually becomes pay-to-play because the goals get more and more demanding, like wanting you to spend 14,000 points for a level. It can take upwards of a week to even think about earning that many points passively with the ads, treasure chests, and level upgrades etc.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will try our best to optimize it.

Its not bad for an idle game but it lacks a lot of stuff too and doesnt offer enough to do. But I will say for once a game that offers ad remover ACTUALLY removes every single ad and that alone is a 5☆ rating.

  • Thank you for liking it.

Nice game, doesn’t force you to watch ads, can take too much time to level up.

  • Thank you for liking it

This game is almost perfect. I haven’t finished it but have seen some reviews about it being relatively short (<50 lvls). My biggest issue is when starting a new planet, there are certain quest cards you get every single planet but you can’t actually count progress until the quest is one of the three active. I will purposefully not collect any of the research points earned from upgrading until the card shows up, otherwise you waste materials. It’s just annoying having all the flags on screen.

Enjoyed it a lot until i can’t progress. I need to upgrade 3 cards to move on to next level, but all my cards are fully upgraded. Must probably quit now

  • Thank you for liking it. You can get a free card in the game shop.

Not sure if I wanted to lower my rating even more. This is a fun little game. But when I say little, I mean it. They stop giving you quests at level 50. So no new planets or free cards. I’m kinda upset I paid almost 5 bucks for the ad blocker. I was very happy with the game and my purchase until I got level 50. If they are more levels, my rating will instantly increase to 5 stars. Developer: any idea when we’ll get more levels? 50 is just ridiculous for a game that wants you to pay money.

  • Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. We will keep developing this game and add more new content in the future

Finished the game (lvl 50) in 2? Or 3 weeks. not much challenge. You gain the points while idle. something you can do (click to level up) when you’re waiting for transport. Not much of a story whatsoever. Quests are all similar just the points needed different so it’s boring. No intrusive ads is a plus.

no bugs, good time waster. the ships could do more, like explore for new planets or have different upgrades.

  • Thank you for the good point, we will try our best to optimize it.

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