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[App] Clario – Security & Privacy

Clario  Clario is a simple yet powerful mobile app with essential cybersecurity protection and 24/7 live chat.

Key Clario Security & Privacy Features:

New! Spyware detector
Instagram account protection
Easy malware removal with a daily malware scan
Identity protection with data breach monitor
Fast VPN (virtual private network)
Wi-Fi Security
24/7 live expert assistance

Your mobile phone is your everything. Smartphones store the keys to your files, social accounts, private info, and precious memories. The best way to stop strangers accessing your private information is through Clario’s anti malware app.

Get unlimited mobile security in the palm of your hand.

Unlike other apps that provide temporary security fixes, Clario brings you long-term peace of mind, protecting you every time you go online.

Multiplatform: all-in-one bundle for Mac, mobile & web
Award-winning: #3 Product of the Day on ProductHunt
Powerful: first mobile malware scanner & VPN with built-in 24/7 support
Trusted: 4.8 rating on Trustpilot
Secure: Find malicious apps with an antivirus
Private: Connect securely with a VPN
Caring: Monitor for any data breaches
Reliable: Get help from 24/7 security experts

Behind Clario’s uniquely intuitive design, lies a powerful toolset that covers all your digital security and privacy needs  – in one app.

Clario’s powerful security solution is backed up by advanced encryption and IKEv2/IPsec VPN protocols.


Discover who’s spying on you with our Spyware detector. We’ll remove malicious apps hiding on your phone. Spyware loves tracking your passwords, photos, or messages – and you’ll love stopping it. Spyware detector detects and removes spyware from your device.

Use two-factor identification to verify your identity with an extra security code. Hide your status in direct messages to stop your followers from waiting for your response.

Stay virus-free with automatic malware scan for Android. We check your files and newly installed apps daily for any lurking malware.

We’ll monitor your emails for password breaches 24/7. If there’s a problem, we’ll alert you, re-secure your accounts, and put you back in control.

Use Clario’s VPN to encrypt your data and stay safe while using a home network or public Wi-Fi. Anonymize your online activity on any network.

Browse securely and privately without your internet provider tracking you. And you can forget about regional content restrictions.

No chatbots. No trawling FAQs and “Community Forums”. 600 real humans here to help solve real problems any time you need us, 24/7.

Life’s stressful enough without having to worry about digital security too. Clario’s malware removal tool gives you effortless, personalized control of your digital life from one beautifully designed and easy-to-use app.

Clario: Security & Privacy is suitable for most Android devices—including Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Sony, TCL, ZTE, Asus, Motorola, Nokia, OPPO, Vivo

Learn more about Clario mobile security –

Visit our website to learn more about us and our mobile security, antivirus, and identity protection products.

Support: hello[at]

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Clario user reviews :

If i have more options, i will have given more than 5 stars the app meet my expectations it does more than expected interface is pretty much ok and very easy to use, now I’m free from those annoying full screen and auto pop-up and open browser ADS. I almost gave up not until i found this app i will surely upgrade to pro i fully recommend the app.only VPN countries are not much. keep it better good job please is this also available in windows?.
  • Clario Tech DMCC
  • Hi, Mark! Thank you for your rating and feedback! Unfortunately, our application is not yet optimized for Windows. We’re always ready to help you with your problems, so feel free to contact us anytime!
Excellent application. Every time my phone rests the ads pop up in the screen even while using the apps every 5 minutes. I used this app to find what was the mistake . It was a malware which affected the phone .the application identified the misbehaving application and i removed it from the phone excellent application
  • Clario Tech DMCC
  • Thank you for that exciting review! We’re glad that customers like you are having a great experience with Clario.
On a Saturday night, using the free version of Clario, I was able to get assistance from Catherine who was on time, task and target. Catherine was knowledgeable, professional, clear, concise and very thorough. All of the assistance before I had even given my name. Catherine is a rare individual and Clario is smart to have her and run their business without being invasive to their customers. Im going to buy their product right now! 10 STARS ON A 5 STAR SYSTEM!! PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER CARE!
  • Clario Tech DMCC
  • Hi, Tim. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We appreciate your awesome feedback and 10 stars! Feel free to contact us again. We work 24/7.

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