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[Game] Clash of Bugs

Clash of Bugs

Clash of Bugs is one of an epic casual & strategy animal games, cute bugs become fighters of different professions.

You need to form your powerful bugs legion, start a brand-new adventure journey, lead the bugs to crush enemies, meet various challenges and get victories! Small ants also have infinite power, experience the Clash of Bugs, take you into the war world of bugs, and truly feel the power of small biological groups!


The higher the quality of bugs, the better the battle attributes, collect high-quality of bugs as many as possible!
Every bug has a unique skill, combine them reasonably to form your strongest bugs battle legion!
Adjust formation according to the insects’ professions and skills, put shooter bugs with shooting skills behind others, destroy enemies, and complete wonderful battles!
Change formation with strategy, start 1v1 battle, eliminate powerful boss, win the duel!
Destroy world boss with other players around the world, get rich rewards to exchange for mythical insect!
Collect more insect cards, merge and promote them to improve battle power!
New legion leader heroes added! You can create your powerful battle legions!
Excess insect cards can be fused into a higher quality insect!
Challenge bounty quests to get rich rewards!
Fight against real players in arena, get season rewards, unlock mythical insect and dominate the leaderboard!
Collect gold and diamond, exchange for the legendary insects!

Game Features:

Exquisite and cute cartoon art style, you will love these cute bugs!
Free strategy simulation & adventure online game, integrating multiple hot elements, giving you a different experience!
Thousands of well-designed levels, it’s a best choice to kill time!
Rich and interesting gameplay, bounty quests, world boss, arena, challenge levels, you can’t stop playing!
Over 40 kinds of real insects, ants, firefly, butterfly, unicorn and many insects you may not have seen!
Claim free gold, diamond and high quality cards in shop, fun to play without paying!
Receive mythical bug by login 7 days for free!
Daily tasks, sign-in rewards, bounty quests will give you rich game resources!
Relaxed music and sound, relieve your stress and make you happy!

Clash of Bugs is an epic popular online animal game with insects as the theme that combines many elements such as war strategy, simulation, battle, cartoons and so on. Thousands of well-designed levels, many different1v1 modes, you can’t stop playing! Cartoon art style and exquisite graphics, you will love these cute insects! There are 4 different quality of insects, rare, epic, legendary and mythical qualities, you need to collect resources online game. The higher the quality of the insects, the better the battle attributes, get as many as high-quality animal as possible to form your powerful animal legion! Before the battle starts, adjust the formation according to each bug’s occupation and skill, so that each bug can play a decisive role, it will easier to pass levels! Use the same war strategy to fight against powerful boss, change formation to try! Don’t worry if you meet a strong opponent, collect as many insect cards as possible to promote them to improve their attributes and your battle power! If you have extra cards, please use them reasonably and fuse them into a higher quality card! Use resources wisely, make your animal legion powerful, meet more challenges!

It’s a war among insects. Survival of the fittest, only a powerful battle legion can survive in the jungle! Use your war strategy and wisdom to help bugs survive. Collect resources, battle simulation, insect evaluation, truly feel the power of small biological groups! Join the world of bugs, lead your battle legion to get victory and start a new adventure now!

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Clash of Bugs user reviews :

I like this game but is ads but thats ok but its just when i whant to get powerful insects but how much its it takes 150000 coins but thats ok and this is super fun but that ting is its just the ancient old spider king is to storng and in that level you only have 3 chans and another 3 chans and when all 3 chanses are done and the last stage it will is 3800

Great in the beginning but now I can’t play because of challenge mode. I don’t know what to do.I completed all of the jungle,but now I can’t buy anything so I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should have written it at one star but it’s my favorite game 10 out of 10 gameplay But I don’t know what to do I’m stuck I can’t play it anymore

This game would be fine if it weren’t so much less tactical or engaging than a lot of its contemporaries and it weren’t so utterly exhausting to make decent progress in thanks to it wanting to squeeze every ad watch out of you it can. Getting all the daily rewards requires a full half hour of total ads, much more if you want to clear out everything available per day. Levels are repetitive and dont feel thoughtfully designed at all, abilities are mostly underwhelming, not worth the ad milking.

Fun game. There is definitly alot to do. Will keep u busy. There are alot of videos but only to get things. No random ones. Customer service is a bit slow. There are some glitches that they need to work on but other than that it is a fun game. I would recomend it. Do not buy the monthly card until they fix it. Everything else works.

  • Please contact us and send us the screenshot of receipt to our Facebook page, we will help you check, thanks!

Issue number 1: the single player needs to be online (just great…). Issue number 2: HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS GAME BEFORE?! Cute art style, lots of insect warriors (add more though) and excellent reward system! Also like the little victory dance they do.

  • Hi friend, we are glad that you like Clash of Bugs! This is a cartoon causal bugs game! You can create your formation to battle with boss bugs! Hope you have fun in game! Facebook:

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