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New easy-to-play, easy-to-trade P2E games
Clash Row beta launch

What are you hesitating about?
Play Clash Row, a strategy simulation game full of units and attractive hero characters.
Clash Row is a strategy simulation game with high gameplay and great quality, and a game that can be defined as “Play and Earn (P&E)”.

Numerous games have previously demonstrated a number of negative examples of being hidden solely in the P2E system, failing to sustain the value of the token, and putting players’ finances at danger.

With excellent strategy and a low entry barrier in the early stages,
Clash Row is made to make it simple for many people to get into the game and stick with it.
The Clash Row mechanism will demonstrate that it offers a more sophisticated and long-lasting P&E service than the P2E method.

Play Clash Row’s unique seasonal league mechanics to compete with other players on strategy and outperform the competition.
Along with the enjoyment of the game, you will receive a just reward.

Clash Row Contents
Official League (seasonal) participation
Hero League (event) participation
Special achievement fulfillment & Special event participation
Selling of hero characters NFT at the Market Place (TBU)
Trading of various NFT goods provided by the project team (TBU)

App Permissions
Optional Permissions
Storage: these permissions allow the game to save game data and screenshots.

Clash Row CS Center
E-mail: Contactus[at]

ClashRow user reviews :

I can reach top rank 12 in the first season without purchasing the TH Jump Package, next i want to be on the top 8, at least on the top 10 haha thx Skyplay i’m so excited playing this game. For suggestions : the game need to add a feature that we could watch our bases while being attacked, improve the base editing mode and a feature that we could attack our friend’s base (friendly war). Thank you

I really really wanted to like this game but it’s just not good. I’m so glad to see a clash of clans style game but the devs need to look at what makes CoC fun for players and implement an experience like that. This game has a very awkward pace for new players, gameplay isn’t very fun and there are no Clans UI is a bit clunky too. Animations and characters are pretty decent.

  • Hello. First of all, thank you for taking the time to write a review about ClashRow. We will learn from your review and continue to improve the game to make it even better for more players. Thank you for your continued interest and love for ClashRow.

Wow, I’ve never seen such a confusing and hard to understand in game payment system. So you have these shards of characters and bigger looking ones but they don’t add up or do anything? So you need to buy characters with real money but you need a wallet account but also you need to top that up using another bitcoin like curreny AND you don’t buy them you…bid for them? Not to mention my account never linked up to this “wallet” no matter how long I waited. Guess I’ll waste money elsewhere.

  • Hello. First of all, thank you for taking the time to write a review about ClashRow. We will learn from your review and continue to improve the game to make it even better for more players. Thank you for your continued interest and love for ClashRow.

I hope you change the method of pvp because it’s so hard to compete even if your a good attacker , if you don’t go online , a lot of players will attack your base so your trophy will run out, you should do like the COC builder base where you attack your bases at the same time and then if who will get the high percentage he/she will be the one who win the battle .

potential , only one thing that confuses me , reset upgrade square data on every the league finish ? but the troops/minion data doesnt , how ? you need crystal tower and minion building to summon the minion , at firts that will be dificult becaue you will have not much mana to summon a legendary minions. hope this thing can be fixed

The game is good, I bought heroes and other limited items. I tried to swap my Near token to crtl token in their webpage but I didn’t receive my crtl token. In their webpage you will see “withdrawals and swap are not in realtime” how long do I wait for crtl token for my account?

  • hello. We will be providing a NEAR < > CRTL swap page soon. It is currently near completion and will be introduced to you soon. Please wait a little longer. thank you

It’s a good earning app very similar to some games and that’s why very familiar to play as well as easy to play without knowing the tutorial.

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