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Immortal DiariesHot Features

Beauty Studio
A new beauty studio has opened in Rose City to freshen up your look! Have a blast experimenting with stunning makeovers for different characters, and don’t forget to claim rewards upon successful attempts.

Supernatural Romantic Thriller
A modern day, coming-of-age story that will stun you with its interactivity, beautiful graphics, and talented voice acting.

Supernatural Lovers
Roleplay different kinds of love with our four male love interests. Go on dates, text message each other, and shower them with gifts! Which one will be your Mr. Right?

Diverse Customization
Dress up to become the most gorgeous girl in Rose City! Create your ideal character from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles, makeup and accessories.

Become Vampire Queen
Complete daily tasks to get promoted to Queen of the Vampires. Will you be ready to seize the throne when it’s time?

Followers for the Win
Cultivate the perfect dream team for dispatching problems in Rose City! Upgrade them to highlight their unique strengths.

Adorable Pets
Adopt a puppy and raise it to adulthood before helping it find a playmate!

The day you decide to take life into your own hands, fate interferes. You leave the orphanage you grew up in to live in a grand castle that was left as your inheritance, learning shocking revelations about your true heritage. A mysterious family heirloom reveals that you are the descendent of the Progenitor of the vampire race. Enter an intriguing, complex world where thrilling romance awaits you, danger lurks around every corner, and the path to your rightful birthright as Queen of the Vampires is filled with twists and surprises. Can you awaken the power in your veins in order to become who you were always meant to be?

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Immortal Diaries user reviews :

I ended up quitting after a while because once you level up so much it gets really boring. It is so hard to level up and you have to wait forever for everything to reload. The waiting time for planting is annoying and also the fact that I have 21 followers and all of them except 4 are over level 100 and the ones that aren’t are close. The story still tells me to level them up… the cost is way higher than the reward on this game. The purchases in the game should not be so expensive.

  • Dear Lady, we are sorry that you are not satisfied with our game, you can contact our customer service about your suggestion to help us improve our game. Thank you for your comment.

I orginally had this game at 5 stars I thought it was so fun with lots to do. The more I play and I realize it’s impossible to advance without spending money! I love the Ross mall lucky draws but like people have said before. It repeats so many times it’s a waste to even do. I have gotten the same shirt like 100 times! Not cool! Now!!! I have spent money and it seems now it has been a waste all together!! My game is constantly losing connection. Impossible to play!!!!

  • Hello, please re-download the game client and this issue will be fixed.

Not beautiful!! I really enjoyed this game, but there was a bug at the manor house where the furniture is under the floor, and I thought re install might fix it. And it turned the icon and intro screen ugly and did not fix anything! By ugly, I mean it is bright red and purple and all about the “beauty studio” aspect of the game. I absolutely hate it! It’s really frightening and disgusting to me, and I am not the only one who feels this way. It has ruined a game that was beautiful.

  • Hi Lady, please re-download the game client and this issue will be fixed. If not please contact our in-game customer service for help thanks.

Its really fun to play with a good story,but clothes are repeated so much in the lucky draw it gets annoying. And clothing items you don’t have to accualy pay for cost a lot of the ingame money that can take a while to collect.There are some amazing things that you can’t obtain without paying real money, as well. And the bosses get really hard to beat the further in you get as well. The more you progress the hard it becomes to actually do anything and eventually it just becomes almost boring.

  • Hi Lady. Your comments will be sent back to our R&D team. Thank you for your message, and have a nice day. If you have any questions, please connect to our in-game customer service for help. Thanks, and have a great day.

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