Classic Block Puzzle – A simple puzzle game for you to relax

[Game] Wood Block – Classic Block Puzzle

Classic Block Puzzle  Wood Block – Classic Block Puzzle Game is a classic wood block puzzle.

A simple puzzle game for you to relax. You can enjoy the warm and clam time with the pure wood style block puzzle. You just need to move the given blocks to fill up entire rows and columns. More blocks eliminated, higher scores you will get.

Highlights of Wood Block
Most addictive game to keep breaking records and training your brain.
When you encounter difficulties, use props wisely.
Open the lucky package and you will find surprises.
The harmonious and comfortable natural wood style makes you feel no stress.
The small size of Wood Block does not take up too much equipment space.
A simple and funny puzzle game without any time or internet limit.
Totally free block puzzle game, suitable for all ages, you can enjoy block puzzle with families and friends.

Wood Block – Classic Block Puzzle Game, a brand new wooden block puzzle. What are you waiting for? Come and play with your friends now!

Classic Block Puzzle user reviews :

Recently something went WRONG with this app. The tile rotation feature does not work anymore and neither the dynamite/separation feature doesn’t work either. Must be a malfunction. Please fix.

This game has been a fun way of challenging my brain to stay active and youthful. On the fourth attempt at a higher score I reached over 131,000! On a recent run I got my score up to 126,000 plus. I closed the game just like I do every day and when I opened it this afternoon my game was gone. Reference to my previous high score of 131,000 was gone and my current score of 126,000 was gone. I am not a happy camper. My 5 star rating just changed to 1 star.

Lately they have been taking my power ups. I will try to use them but my piece NEVER changes. I will exit out of the game and the power up I just tried to use was gone.

I really like the Classic wood block game, I came back to it after being away for awhile. I can see the positive changes it has made and it’s fun to play.

A lovely game that is very relaxing, and very addictive. Thank you to the Developer. I thank you for the time you spent, putting it together, for us to use. Regards Des

Game not working correctly. The rewards aren’t working properly. The same with revive. I’m going to give it a day or so and if the issues remain, I’ll delete it. Reduced to one star. Buggy. Keeps dropping my points to back to zero. The only thing consistent with this games are the constant ads. Smh

Awesome and addictive!! My problem though is that when I go to get my awards, sometimes the screen goes blank and I wait a while, nothing happens, I get back to the game and no reward and I can’t go back.I would give it 4 stars but this review section won’t let me. So 4 stars due to technical difficulty .

The game could be nice if there were not so many forced videos to watch to get ones earned coins. I was going to uninstall but my 4yr old ask me not to. So we will play a little more for her, although I think it takes advantage of her patience, with a game she really is intrigued by.

Oh what a game. I love playing it. It is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. It keeps the old brainbox going. I give you 100%.It keeps me on my toes. I play it everyday. You’ll hear NO complaints from me. complaint

Played the app twice. Now it won’t open! It makes a blank black screen! I waited and waited, nothing happened. Developers, HELP! I really like the app.

One of the most fabulous games on this site. It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and if you have the the strength you can play for hours at a time. You can push a button and turn the pieces around and place them in the puzzle where and how you want to.

I don’t like your scoring system. It takes to long to get to a 1000 points and that really erratating. This is why I gave you one star.

I enjoy this game a lot it makes me think try to figure out where things go. Sometimes it’s harder then I think but I still enjoy it.

I disagree with the prior reviews..I haven’t had a prob with excessive ads– not at all. I expect ads when I download a free app. Here, ads play for a short time but you can stop them in mid-run. Just watch closely for a symbol re: the music and a small x in the top corner closes. No problem, or very little problem, at all. Some ads just a tiny bit harder to close, but no more than ad pages in other apps. Maybe I will be discouraged in the future but for now,

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