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Collab SpaceCollabspace is an innovative collab network and marketplace that connects influencers and creators for beneficial collaborations.

If you are a creator, influencer, blogger, podcaster, gamer, or just looking to grow your audience and earn money, then Collabspace is THE platform for you! We help you grow your audience and make money through exciting collaborations.

Join the Collabspace community to meet other content creators, pay to collab with larger creators, or get paid for collabs and creative gigs! Not only do you get to work with other creators, but also with other great creative minds. Collab with graphic designers, producers, musicians and more!


Connect – Find the perfect collab partner for yourself with the tap of a button
Grow – Expand your reach to new and larger audiences
Earn – Get paid for collabs and the creative services you provide
Stay secure – Keep your payments safe in the secure Collabspace app
Stay in the know – Get the latest news about the Collabspace community and events from your industry


Collab with creators & freelancers: Collaborations are a powerful way to reach new viewers, and they help you forge connections to grow your audience. Swipe through your daily batch of potential collab matches, post collab projects, or use advanced search features to find other content creators to collaborate with. You can also find creative freelancers for hire, whether they are influencers musicians, producers, photographers, stylists, or artists of any kind.

Receive or make paid offers: Collabspace allows you to send a paid offer to creators and influencers if you want to make collab content, or need creative freelancing services. After you have sent a paid offer to a creator or influencer, they can accept, reject, or make a counteroffer to the paid offer you made. Once an offer has been accepted, the exact amount will be charged and the funds will be held safely by Collabspace while you work together to complete the collab, then the money is released once the collab is finished.

Filter to find the best collabs: Use advanced filters and location data to find just the right collab partner in your creative niche – whether it’s YouTube videos, Instagram stories, music, or podcasts. Collabspace filters give you the ability to control which creators you see on Collabspace, as well as the ability to control which creators can see you on Collabspace. You can set your desired filter criteria once and your preferences will be applied to all of your daily matches and all available projects too.

Good ideas are what makes collaborations incredible. Collabspace is the perfect tool to find like-minded influencers and creators to make your creative ideas a reality.

What are you waiting for? Download Collabspace today to find your creative soulmate and grow your audience!

Collab Space user reviews :

It’s nice to have the ability to see other content creators, but (as far as I’ve seen) to contact them on the app I need to have the paid version of the app. Why give us the option to try and connect with them if we can’t reach out to them? Was great til I realized this big lapse of judgement on their part.

  • Hi Richard, can you get in touch with us directly? We’d like to understand what is giving you the impression that you must get the paid version to contact other users since that is actually NOT the case! Could you shoot us a quick note at – thanks so much!

There’s unfortunately something very wrong with this app… Was really looking forward but it just opens into an advert for itself and nothing else happens. Try to close it and it logs me out. Great idea in principle but needs properly sorting.

  • Hi Peter C! So sorry you were having issues! This problem hasn’t been reported by other users, so perhaps you can try downloading the latest version and see if it works OK? If you still have issues, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll look into it for you further!

The devs of this app bent over backward to help me get this to work. I have nothing but praise for them.. especially Daniel. He worked hard for quite a long time to make it work. I have not gotten any collabs yet but from inside it looks very promising. thank you team!! happy collaborations everyone!!

  • Hi Amber, so sorry you’ve been having trouble logging in! Seems like this is an isolated issue, so would you please contact us at so we can get more info and look into this for you right away?

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