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SlimSocialWhy SlimSocial for Facebook?

It is lightweight: it weighs less than 200 Kb;
It has a simple, modern design: there is only what you need;
It is open source: the code of this app is online on GitHub, anyone can verify the authenticity of the app and contribute to its development.
It is free and without ads;
it is not intrusive;
It respects your privacy: this app doesn’t require special permits. Without consensus Facebook can not access any data of your mobile phone;

Notifications are not supported. Enjoy your life without distractions.

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Link to the code on GitHub:

Note that this is not an official app from Facebook

This is a project which meant to make people life easier. This app will launch Facebook official website. All credit goes to Facebook team. It is provided free for all without any ads.

SlimSocial user reviews :

Dark mode is iffy, but glad it exists. Being able to increase font is a great thing. However, trying to join a group, and the submit button just doesn’t work. Haven’t tried messages, because it’s not important to me. I wanted a client that would enable me to keep separate for joining groups, but seems this is not the one.

Good alternative to FB Lite. Could be improved if it allowed the user to block the ‘People you may know ‘ feature. But otherwise, it’s a great app. Update November 2022: It’s not clear if it’s being actively supported, and it seems to be getting a bit buggy. I won’t change my rating, which was true at the time. It’ll be a shame if it dies as there are few similar alternatives on playstore.

OK, but glitchy. E.g., cannot reliably go back to same place in newsfeed after clicking on a post; cannot search for people, groups, or pages (always says there’s no internet connection). Edited to add: Just noticed I can’t access my profile security and privacy settings. I get the page saying I have no internet connection. If it’s not fixed very soon I’ll uninstall.

I’ve used this app for many years and it’s my absolute favourite. I only give it 3 stars though because it crashes the second there’s a glitch in internet connectivity. You might be in the middle of typing a long retort to some troll, and poof! It’s gone.

I’m really satisfied with this app. I’ll mention only 3 bugs that I’d like to be fixed. First one is occurring using Marketplace: going back after seeing an item makes you come back to the news feed instead of the marketplace home page. Thus meaning starting again with the same search for seeing other results. Second one are the lack of calls and the display of messenger app in general, which don’t allow you to do many things other than typing short messages. Long messages are in fact quite difficult to write since the really short space available to read your message while you’re typing. Last but not the least: tagging other people using the @tag is really painful and it’s not always working. It isn’t possible to tag a person only using his name and it’s not possible to tag pages. That’s all. Keep up the good work!

I like this app, but having trouble posting pictures to Facebook from my gallery. I can browse, I select a picture, but post button is grayed out. Also, having troubles accessing one of the pages I manage, and messages for that page. Just keeps loading messages page asking me to search for messages from friends, with a list of friends to click on, as suggestions, below. Confession, I do have an older android phone, but everything else works great.

Excellent experience, fast app, video forward option , add free thank you slim social.. But ihave a question i am worry about my password security.. because its a tired party app..(please Help) Otherwise everything is perfect It’s even better than the original app

Clear, clean-cut app for FB. As of right now, only takes up 17.09MB worth of space on my LG phone! My only suggestion would be that like ‘Simple for FB;’ this app offers a way to ‘pin’/save FB-pages|profiles|and misc. links to a menu, for revisiting later (‘coz that’s a *Bitchin’* option that no other FB-apps offer right now). Lastly, the ‘Save/Download Photo’ option in this app is refreshingly simple!

Works pretty well for the most part. Editing a post has a problem. I can’t scroll in a post that is more than a few lines. I swipe down but the text won’t move to get to the upper lines. I have use browser foxfire for edits. Hoping the developer sees this.

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