Color Oasis – Immerse yourself in an oasis of calmness and relaxation

[Game] Color Oasis – Color by Number

Color OasisIndulge in a calming coloring experience that takes you on a journey of tranquility. Release your worries, relieve stress, and fully immerse yourself in the peaceful world of coloring.

Infuse life into these realistic paintings and rediscover the long-lost peace and beauty within your heart. As colors fill the canvas, tranquility, and immersion washes over you.

Immerse yourself in an oasis of calmness and relaxation:
Explore immersive paintings that promote focus and breathe life into your creations.
Accompanied by soothing background music, relieve anxiety and embrace the flow experience during the coloring process, enjoying a sense of calm, vitality, and happiness as the paintings come alive.

A large selection of high-quality paintings:
Crafted by talented artists, our detailed and clear paintings ensure quality.
Choose from a wide array of paintings to find the perfect painting that suits your unique style, including breathtaking natural landscapes, charming country cabins, diverse animal species, healing pet companions, and more.
Mandalas and Patterns offer a path to inner peace and harmony, satisfying your artistic appetite while keeping you focused and spiritually fulfilled.

Additional features:
Thoughtful design: For mature adults and seniors, designed with larger numbers and buttons, providing a simple and easy way for people of all ages to enjoy.
Quote of the Day: Start each day inspired, empowered, and renewed.

Take a break and discover inner peace, vitality, love, and happiness. It’s time to embark on a relaxing journey.

Please feel free to contact us at support[at] for any questions or assistance.

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Color Oasis user reviews :

I’ve only had this app downloaded for a short while, about 1 – 2 weeks, but im thinking i might have to remove it . It is proving to be very difficult. When I try to color the designated areas, I have to tap it several times before the color appears, also it freezes up continually, and I have to leave the site, for a while. It seems to have a lot of glitches… I do like the site, you have some very pleasing images. If you can fix all the problems, (there are additional ones as well.) Great!

  • Sorry to hear about the problem. Could you please reach us via the “contact us” form in the game’s settings to provide us with more details of the issue you encountered? It will help us to target the issue more quickly and deal with it. Thank you for your effort in making our game better!

You have a great coloring app here. It’s definitely one of the better ones out there. But here are a few things that should be fixed. Your audio is awful! It is scratchy and a bit annoying. Sounds like you hung a microphone out a window to record whatever was going on outside your window. There is no setting button to mute it. Secondly, once we are done with a color, then going down to the color bar to hit the next color, then go back to the pic is inconvenient. Make switch automatically

  • The music and the auto-switch color function can be set in the settings page. (in the upper right corner of My Work page)

Good coloring app, but room for improvement. The ‘Remove Ads’ option is expensive for what little it actually does, which is remove the banner and whatever the interstitial ads are (never came across one). There’s still a watermark and there’s still pictures locked BEHIND ads (an almost 45 second long one). If you’re going to have a one-time purchase option, these need to be removed as well, otherwise, what’s the point? Background music is the same. Needs a sync option as well, like to Facebook.

  • Thank you for sharing your feedback and your idea, we will carefully consider your suggestion in further updates. Thank you for making the game better!

It’s exactly as it is shown in the ads I have seen for it, no stupid minigames or visuals that don’t actually exist. I consider it so much better than similar apps, there are very few ads, so far only one after each finished ‘page’, they don’t hide a whole bunch of very tiny color boxes that require you to use a clue to find if you don’t want to search for it for 10+ mins, and you can even press and hold on a colorable box to immediately switch to that color.

The pictures are beautiful and some I’m excited to start, but I wish there was a different sound when you finished a color rather than a hiccup sound or that you could turn off everything but the music or even the music if you so desire. Also, I wish there was a way for it to automatically move to the next color rather than always having to click on it. I’m hoping that these things can change and then I’ll be using thus so much more!

  • Thank you for sharing your game experience. For your suggestion about the sound effect in the game, we will try to make more improvements in the future. And the Music and Sound effect can be turned off in the game’s settings page, and you can turn on the “Auto-Switch Color” Function in that page too. (in the upper right corner of “My Work” part)

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