Marble Crush Blast – Abundant level elements

[Game] Marble Crush Blast

Marble Crush BlastMarble Crush Blast is an exciting marble shooting game!

The game has many levels It’s easy to play But be careful The level is challenging!
There are rich obstacle elements in levels Cool combination skills Players will get wonderful level experience of course Don’t forget to build after victory

Features of the game:
1 Classic elimination shooting Combine interesting construction elements
2 Cool skills, design rocket, mine, color ball, etc. They can combine to produce more power
3 Abundant level elements save birds, collect wood, vases, shells, flowers, etc
4 Simple and exquisite art expression effect Cool skill special effect

How to play:
1 Tap to the ball on the screen track Construct 3 or more balls of the same color to clear balls
2 Be familiar with the rules of obstacle ball to clear it
3 Pay attention to the target After completing the target, you can pass level
4 Pass level to collect stars and get more rewards

Now Let’s Play for free Marble Crush Blast!
In game support application purchase Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Marble Crush Blast user reviews :

Additive. Starts off easy but it becomes too difficult to pass levels without paying for perks or viewing ads. I refuse to pay for a game that should be free. The ads help but not enough and too many. 3 stars King rescue is timed and doesn’t pop up too often and only 50 coins for win. I like the bonus rounds. To complete areas requires too many stars. I enjoy the many other challenges and rewards.

What good are 1600 levels when you can’t get past lvl 55? Seriously, once you are out of the really good “one use” powers, it’s all over. Play it a few times – not that great. Hit a paywall? Drop it like a dirty diaper. Phew! What a stinker!

Nice concept and graphics…but, the ads are ridiculous!!! I know all games have them, but this is one after the other!!!

Am now a champion but I made a mistake I uninstalled the game tried to install it again, it took me to level 1 whilst I reached revel 1150 something. Is there any way you can take me back to my level have gone far. Not level 1 hell no!

On the hard levels marbles are almost to the end before game gets started. Other than that it’s a fun game

This game is so easy my children love it so much this game is so great

Nice game. But I don’t think you support to carry my progress to another device. I mean to say that there is no Facebook or Google login in the game to save my progress and so I’ll lose all of them when I switch to a new phone to start again from level 1. Hmm – that’s not a good thing. I would recommend you to add those features

The game is very easy, maybe it will get more challenging. I hope. Ads are infrequent and short. Colors are clear. What I don’t like are: 1. The tips on how to play, and I have no choice but to follow them. 2. The insistence that I use the booster they want me to.

This game is easy to play and very good My children loved it

Great fun to play and it’s easy to play. Kids can learn there colors playing this game.

Soo far the game is good.. there aren’t too many ads and it’s actually free the graphics designs is okay

Good game, very fun and interesting

It getting interesting anyway,the software is simple and decorative

Too often, when I try to make a match, an airplane takes out the matching marbles, leaving me with a single marble where I could have gotten rid of all of them. It was taking the fun out. Then an ad popped up. I uninstalled the game.

Great game…but at level 133 game keeps freezing and ending when the mallet and the pig connect…keep having to open the app continuously. Very frustrating and disappointing.

Correct and soo fantastically game really love it ,it’s soo Amazing game soo ever

Game freezes a lot and whenever it’s freezes it takes away the lives and also whenever it freeze it finishes the game and you lose, so frustrating how often this happens

Great passing time. Not to many ads but the down side is the ads that they do have are entirely to long.

This is my new stress relief! Great colors Fun graphics and just an all around feel good game Maybe do a loyalty rate for daily users. Just saying

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