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Medieval KingdomsMEDIEVAL KINGDOMS is a free medieval strategy MMO.

Your path will lead you from an inexperienced COUNT to the most powerful RULER of the Middle Ages. Let your REIGN blossom, conquer the KINGDOMS of EUROPE with your FRIENDS and rule the world of MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS TOGETHER. Write your OWN STORY!

Become the KING in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS, the fun medieval strategy MMO! As a small COUNT you create your own growing COUNTY. Take care of the production of raw materials, unlock new and unique buildings and shape your kingdom according to your will. Use your power to create a thriving IMPERIUM and become the most powerful and famous ruler in the MIDDLE AGE!

A devious enemy is hiding in your lands: Recruit a mighty ARMY, conquer the great TOWERS and open up new TERRITORIES in your COUNTY. Free the lands from the reign of the marauders and expand your empire. Teach your enemies fear and create a huge empire piece by piece!

Play on the unique and historical EUROPE MAP in the multiplayer mode of MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS. Discover real kingdoms of the MIDDLE Ages and immerse yourself in the different regions of Europe. Start in a kingdom near you, move to the icy lands of the north or head to the warm regions of the south. There is much to discover in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS!

To survive on the single-player and multiplayer maps, you must conquer the world’s most important nodes: the TOWERS! Towers allow you to control TERRITORIES and KINGDOMS. Attack enemy towers to end the domination of other ALLIANCES and expand your REALM. Conquer towers to capture kingdoms and unlock more RESEARCH in your alliance. With each TOWER, your POWER expands!

The county of Hamburg or the republic of Florence? The city of Barcelona or the kingdom of Essex? Which KINGDOM you conquer is up to YOU. Once a new kingdom is in your possession, you can expand it and earn various BONUSES. Earn more TAXES or unlock TRADE in the KINGDOM – make important DECISIONS for your ALLIANCE!

Play MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS as you please: lead an ALLIANCE and conquer countless KINGDOMS. Work as a DIPLOMAT with other ALLIANCES and engage in TRADE. Manage the forums and treasury of your alliance. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You don’t like to be under pressure? Submit yourself to another LORD and pay your TAXES dutifully. Every brick is important and every step brings you closer to YOUR GOAL!

Show EVERYONE that you are the rightful RULER of Europe or create your own little REALM away from all the hustle and bustle of the mighty KINGS and ALLIANCES. Find your OWN way and experience an incredible medieval world full of fun and challenges in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS!

The medieval strategy MMO Medieval Kingdoms is free to play and needs an active internet connection.

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(Changing this rating when I can actually log in) I’m currently out of high-speed data. I heard that there were single-player worlds so I decided to try it out before my data refreshed. I couldn’t log into the game so I left it. However, I started getting notifications from people and a apparently my protection is expired. Great. I imagine there’s a reset button so I’m not too worried. Still, it’s a weird enough oversight. 10-6-23: Tried on other world. Happened again. Quite addicted though

  • Hello James, please check again if the issue is still existing. If so, we will investigate this problem asap.

Another great game by Xyrality. I have been playing different games by this developer for 12+ years. This one is as addictive as the rest. There are still some bugs in the chat, but the translator is amazing. Hopefully, they’ll build our wiki. Still a lot of questions about how to play.

  • Thank you a lot! We will keep on working on us and the game and will take your ideas into our consideration.

I can’t keep track of my own stuff because I get mails every time anyone in the clan does something. Need a separate tab for those. Or only send them to the people involved

  • Hey Dan, thanks for playing Medieval Kingdoms! You are able to deactivate the push notifications for specific actions in the in-game settings (profile -> settings -> notifications). Have a nice day and enjoy the game!

so far its fun and have a Nice layout. im new on this game, played for 10 dags or so

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